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    Children now to get educated through video games

    The education system in Kerala seems very boring and people started thinking of how to make young children grasp more. So education authorities in Kerala after doing proper researches have found that educating in areas of children's interests help to grasp more and get better results. Thus video games are now being used as a medium to educate children. It will be much more beneficial rather than wasting hours of their leisure time playing useless addictive games.

    So what do you think about this implementation and how will it turn out to be when it is being brought up. Respond with boon or bane giving decent supporting elements to it. Thank you.
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    While the idea is new and good, but indirectly it will have bad effects on the students who would be remembering the contents of video but forget the education part in the video. Children are habituated to television and cinema and any video appears means they are very interested on every character. And if the video aims at education, surely there would be deviation from the normal presentations of video and thus children may not like. But certainly this is the good beginning to create interest in students. Let it be joined as the test project and if it gives good results, other states may also follow.
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    Video games as media for education. It is for which class students. It will be good for LKG and UKG students. But not to 4th or 5th class children. There are many play school. Here children of very low age will be will be a good concept for that level. From video games slowly small small rhymes through videos will be good. Videos for education will be a good concept. By seeing the videos more things can be rememberd.
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    This may be only for small classes and seems to have gained much popularity within short span of time. Personally I support to implement this new system. Also I want to remind that it's not watching video, it's to play video games based on educational matters. This will definitely help to enhance brain development at the young age itself.

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    Cijo from your answer it is understood that instead of watching videos for Education purpose, it may be used for playing games which is again distraction to normal course of education and the parents may object because by collecting high fees in the name of digital learning, the schools may spoil the children and inculcate habit of playing games at school hours. I do not think that playing video games would develop the brain, instead the children would stress to have such a facility at home and the parents would be bothered for this. I am totally against this new culture.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let me point out this thing. How different is to grasp things which are within and outside of anyone's interest? You can't store about 70% of syllabus which we learn through reading or writing as children at younger age are less engaged or interested in it. Note that it doesn't bother high school or college students rather, it's for young children.

    Take the case of watching our interesting movie or listening to one's favorite song. All these are grasped real quick and I personally experienced that these can last long within our brain. But the thing to be considered is that, such video games should be purely education based and not such addictive one's out there in Internet. Still everything will be having its boon and bane, thus I prefer implementing this only after proper researches being made.

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