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    Everyone should have a warrior qualities to survive in the society

    We humans are dependent on one another very much. Dependency is OK and dependency is also needed but being dependent should not be to an extent that we are nothing without others. We should know to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves. We should have warrior qualities in us such as being bold, confident, firm, fearlessness, positive etc. If we develop these qualities then for sure we will be able to face any tough situation and come out of it. We should not have fear of the results and think of the results when we are handling any situation instead we should handle it with confidence and positiveness and the results will be in our favour. Having all the qualities as of the warrior is very important to lead a life.
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    Rightly said by the author. In order to survive, we must have challenge facing tendency, we must have competition facing ability, we must able to digest the criticism of others, and we have to sustain the success and repeat the performance. Normally people fear from the word challenge and they want everything ready made. Without stringent competition there is no scope for growth. If you cannot welcome the criticism then you cannot digest even the success in full. And after attaining success one must sustain it for future too otherwise we will become laughing stock. All these are warrior qualities.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes. Everyone should be warrior of his own life. In some times of difficulties we may go ask for the help of friends or relatives. But every time we can't approach somebody. So one should plan his life. Face the consequences and fight out all difficulties and evils ,come out successful. For this everybody should develop a positive attitude. Yes,we can do shouldbe the concept. At the same time risks should be taken care. Unnecessary risks should not be taken. Fight the war but have protection should be the concept.

    Thinking that we may fail,not attempting is wrong. We should attempt. We may fail sometimes. Take lessons from failures and go forward. Don't do the same mistake and plan propery. Then definitely you will be a successful warrior in your own life.

    always confident

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