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    People respect us for two reasons. Either we are powerful or has the knack of helping others

    Except relatives, we generally wont like all the people we meet on daily basis. But some of them do come across some impressive personality who have much power in their life to change even our stance. Or there are people who simply floor us with the enlarged helping tendency which would tempt us to meet them again and again. Not that we seek help always from them, but once helped, we become a sought after character and they shall be eagerly waiting for our arrival at their place. Do you agree with this ?
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    Good, Mohan Garu. I want to know the meaning of powerful. Is it the power by his position or by his supernatural powers. Puttaparthi Saibaba is doing many acts which shows he is a supernatural personality. Are you referring this. Mr.Modi is powerful because he is PM. Once he ceases to be PM, he is not that powerful. In a Organisation, a manager is powerful than a worker or a supervisor. Once the Manager comes out of that organisation, he will not have any powers there.

    But people will respect the man who helped him forever. He remembers you for his lifetime. If you help a person in getting a job he will respect you for his life time.

    always confident

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    Here powerful I mean the position of holding by virtue of his command.
    K Mohan
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    I respect a person who is very helpful to others. We can say that a person is genuinely helpful when he helps anyone no matter what position or status they hold in the society. They help poor, old person, weak person neighbours etc. Such people hold a lot of respect in my eyes. There are other type of people who help others so that they get something in return or if they have some work with the person whom they have helped. Generally they are self centred and help only when they want and if they have some work and such people do not deserve to be respected.
    Coming to being powerful, I do not see what and how will they hold the respect. Being commanding is good but that is not enough. They should seek for others suggestions and think about others. Commanding people should not have an attitude that they are always correct without trying to understand if they are wrong at times. If a commanding person has these qualities then he will definitely be respected.

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    People only go to those persons who can help them. Help is of variou kinds. Someone wants allotment of govt accommodation, someone wants selection of his candidate in interview, there are others who are interested to get a transfer near their hometown, others are interested that old deptt case may be dropped against them and so on. So only powerful officers on top posts or political leaders capable of influencing them can do the job. All these powerful people may not do the job directly. People have to approach them via some resourceful person who can do the job through personal relation or by bribing.

    The author has raised a very suitable thread to depict today's condition in this country that either a powerful or a kindhearted person at top can help a citizen.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A person holding a powerful position can get respect if he is good, unbiased and rigid at discharging his duties.
    If he tries use his position for his personal gains,people may respect him as long as he is in that slot. Once he is out nobody will respect him.

    Another type of people I have seen. They come to you for help.If you are able to help 3 times and 4th time if you couldn't. They think that you are a changed person and not helping. They will do the propaganda in that direction.

    always confident

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