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    Have you ever seen and ate these fruits called after Lord's name?

    Rama phal, Seeta phal and Lakshmana phal are the three fruits which were called after Lord's names Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. Interestingly all these plants belong to the same family Annona scientifically. Usually most of us know Seeta Phal (Custard apple or Sweetsop). But Ramaphal (Bullock's heart ) is an exotic plant which is less popular. Laksman Phal (Sour soup or Graviola) is another exotic plant. Its fruits, leaves, seeds, bark and roots are known to have great medicinal properties. Rama Phal and Lakshman Phal fruits have anti-cancerous, anti diabetic medicinal properties. In my house, the rare exotic tree Rama Phal is there but it give very few fruits every year. At our childhood my father brought few seeds from some place and we have sown them. Out of which only one seed has grown into a tree. This fruit is very large fruit which give a very special taste which is similar to Seeta Phal. But unlike Seeta Phal number of seeds are less and also the seeds are very small, but the flesh of the fruit much. Fruits weigh about half kilo. This tree gives fruits in around March and April (Close to Sree Rama Navami). So I have tasted this fruit along with Seeta Phal whose trees are also there in our house. But I didn't see Lakshmana Phal or never ate it. I am giving the images of the Rama Phal tree and its fruit. Have any ISC members have seen all these trees and fruits?
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    Sitaphal is a very common fruit and available in plenty. Many times we purchase these fruits and eat. Very tasty and nice to eat.
    Ramaphal is also available a few. We have purchased these fruits a few times and ate. Taste is similar to that of Sitaphal. But seeds are very less in this fruit.
    I tasted Lakshmanaphal very recently during my trip to Kerala. My brother stays in Cochin. I went to his house. He brought that fruit and it is also very tasty and similar to Sitaphal. In this fruit also very less seeds were present.
    Can anybody explain why these names to these fruits.

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    I have tasted Seeta phal and ram phal though Seeta phal more number of times as we had a tree at my childhood house. But I haven't tasted the Lakshman phal fruit and I am hearing the name for the first time. Seeta phal is a very quite common fruit compared to Ram phal and Lakshman phal.

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    I haven't heard about Ram phal and Lakshmana phal, but only Sita phal. Moreover, when you refer to Sita Phal, I don't think about the Sita of Ramayana, but the Cheetah. In Tamil, it is written as Cheetah/ Seethah phal. I think there is no connection between Sita and the phal.

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    Well Sitaphal is very famous in Hyderabad and in fact there is a place called Sitafalmandi , a railway station dedicated to this fruit exclusively. But I never came across Ramphal or Lakshmanphal so far. It is a new information.
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    Sita phal is the famous fruit of Rampura where I live and its taste is wonderful. My family specially children like it very much. I have also tasted Ram phal. But I have not see laxman phal so far.
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    I ate sitaphal but heard first time about ramphal and lakshman phal. I, after seeing this posting, am ready to search for the availability of the same to taste. Besides, the sitaphal is very cool in nature and so it is called sita phal. If one consume the sitaphal more in quantity there are chances of getting cold. Alternatively in the summer seasons and those who are having heat body the fruit is very good to their health. Now in Chennai fruit juice shops the juice of sitaphal is also available and I have tasted the same and found very tasty.

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    As other members are familiar about Sitaphal, I am also very much familiar with the sitaphal fruit and love it. When I was in Hyderabad, we had a sitaphal tree in our quarters. The perfect sweetness of the fruit we come across in sitaphal, Likewise Ramphal also has the unique sweetness and it is a very rare fruit. In my childhood days I ate very much. But Laxmanphal I too did not hear about it. Whatever, all these fruits are very much useful for human health with having medicinal values.

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    This Lekshman phal is a new information for me and have only tasted the custard apple before. Rama phal is also similar to custard apple but slightly bigger than the other. In Kerala, it's mostly named as "Aathekka" and is sweet while custard like inside with an apple appearance externally. But the thing which I hate most while eating custard apple is it's black seeds which are plenty and it distracts a desperate hungry person.

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    To me, the information which I receive from this particular thread is totally new. In Delhi, instead of custard apple, pumpkin is known as 'Seetaphal'. 'Aloo Bukhara' (a type of plum) is known as 'Ramphal'.. 'Lakshmanphal' is unknown to me. In fact, I have heard this word ('Lakshmanphal') for the first time in this thread.
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