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    Drivers from Karnataka and Andhra are in serious trouble after English replaced by Hindi

    Earlier, the milestones in Tamil Nadu were in English and Tamil. But now the central government has replaced English with Hindi. This causes discomfort situation for people of neighboring states of Tamil Nadu.

    Central government is also doing this in Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. This causes discomfort situation for Tamil drivers. The state's language and English is enough on the milestones. Even if there is the 3rd language then it should be the language of nearby state and not Hindi.
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    While I do agree that drivers from non Hindi states do face the hardship of understanding sign boards and mile stone boards in Southern states as Hindi has been imposed replacing English. Being National Highway every driver must be aware of Hindi at least how to read the sign boards and mile stone boards. Center has been advocating one nation one language and slowly penetrating this rule into Southern states especially Tamil Nadu which is against Hindi. DMK already gone offensive against indirect imposition of Hindi. But sooner or later every state must abide to this rule.
    K Mohan
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    everybody forget the main thing that the language in public places is only to communicate and not for any politics. I have suffered a lot in many places of Andhra,Karnataka while searching for city buses where I saw only in their vernacular languages. In Tamilnadu also only in some places the nameboards are found with english. To my knowledge the english also should be included with the vernacular languages and where there are more people of other states moving trilanguage method should be followed. The Government and Political parties should co operate in this regard . English also used in American style in many places nowadays by ruining the British English what we are normally studying or having studied in schooling.

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    Through out India, on the national highways, the state government should try and place sign boards in three languages (The local language, English and Hindi.) for the benefit of the road users. All Indians driving vehicles can read English than Hindi. English is a must in road sign boards.

    All the buses from the states should also have route boards written in English as well Local language.

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    By the way Center is not preventing the state governments to place name boards of every village or town as it approaches from a distance in their own language and that would facilitate the drivers much. There is no ban on that.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @K Mohan If you read the constitution of India, Tamil Nadu is the only state which has some special rights over the language policy and the central government should act as per the constitution of India. Otherwise, just bring changes to the rights given to Tamil Nadu.
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    Sign boards in three languages may be a correct answer for this problem. It is true that for any state, the lorries will be more from neighboring states. To southern states, lorries coming from north may be less when compared to lorries with in south. The road signs, normal sign boards and other directions if written in Hindi and local language only, some problem will be there for drivers from South. Drivers from south are more familiar with English and local language. But Hindi is real difficult for them. Of course now a days GPS and google maps are coming. They can be utilized. But I feel definitely three language sign boards concept will be better.
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    Dan at #594639, could you please clarify that point about the Constitutional provision regarding special rights over language policy for Tamil Nadu? I would like to update myself in case I missed out some important amendment/ ruling in this regard.
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    This is very well expected from the current central government and usually South Indians sees BJP as North Indian party and not a national party. Does north indian sign board has all the languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam? They are adding Hindi in South India means then they should add all the languages in North also. I am sure that imposing Hindi on others will lead to unnecessary / unimaginable problems in future.

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    @Saji Ganesh,

    The Official Languages (Use for Official Purpose of the Union)
    RULES, 1976
    (As Amended, 1987)

    G.S.R 1052 - In exercise of the powers conferred by section 8, read with sub-section(4) of section 3 of the Official Languages Act, 1963 (19 of 1963), the Central Government hereby makes the following rules, namely ;

    1. Short title, extent and commencement -

    (i) These rules may be called the Official Languages (Use for Official Purposes of the Union) Rules, 1976.

    (ii) They shall extend to the whole of India, except the State of Tamilnadu.

    (iii) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

    Read more from official website of government of India >

    As per the act, Hindi is not an official language in Tamil Nadu. Tamil and English are only the official languages as per the decision of Tamil Nadu Government.

    Tamils have no problem for using Hindi is other parts of the country, as long as there is an English translation.

    The language in which communications between different states, or from the union government to a state or a person in a state, shall be sent is regulated by the Official Languages Act and, for states other than Tamil Nadu, by the Official Languages Rules.

    The Official Language Act provides that the Union government shall use both Hindi and English in most administrative documents that are intended for the public. The Official Languages Rules, in contrast, provide for a higher degree of use of Hindi in communications between offices of the central government (other than offices in Tamil Nadu, to which the rules do not apply).

    Four states—Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan— have been granted the right to conduct proceedings in their High Courts in their official language, which, for all of them, was Hindi. However, the only non-Hindi state to seek a similar power—Tamil Nadu.

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    Why BJP is inserting Hindi on the national highways? As Hindi has been placed in all the railway station sign boards, they want to have it on the national highways too. But it is not advisable to remove English and replace it with Hindi. They should follow the tri- language fomula viz English-Hindi-Regional languages in all the states.

    By doing the wrong things, our dear Mr Modi is earning the support of the north and earning the wrath of the south.

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