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    The Iphone 5S price gradually draining down.


    You heard it right... The Iphone 5S can be bought at as low as 14K to 19K which are 32GB and 64GB respectively.

    I'm actually excited to express that I bought an Iphone 5S for 8K(used one) today from one of our proprieter's son (for whom I'm currently working) in easy monthly installment of 2500. He is also an ISCian, named Elipes.

    The main reason why I bought an iOS is that I've never used these OS before. On the top of that, this will partially help me to develop, debug and grant full access to try my beta apps before submitting to iOS store.

    If you're a software developer or programmer, would you buy all the smart phones: Android phone, iOS phone etc to develop apps for different platforms.

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    Some elite people have the habit of changing their phones every six months and go for a new version or new model. Right from the beginning of inception of cell phone era in India, the elites are doing this . And you are really lucky to get a second hand Iphone for very cheap rate. Even the online marketing companies are asking the customers to take 6 months challenge to discard the items which have been used for over six months now. So wealthy people switch to new models and get acquainted with new technology and the benefit of their switch over benefits others.
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    I do not think every developer or a programmer is inclined to use the phones in every OS just for the coding purpose. He will be well trained and experienced in the OS he codes and he need not keep changing the phones for that reason. Maybe if a company provides the phone to use, he might use it but he might personally does not spend his own money on phones to understand the OS unless he is a gadget freak.

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    When the Project Anarchy announced a contest way back in 2013, I failed to pasticipate because I didn't meet their requirement. I had to test the beta apps from devices because the earlier version of IDE has glitch and occassionally the app emulator works different on pc and works weirdly on devices.
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