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    Great medicinal value of the leaves of Drumstick tree

    Leaves of the drumstick tree is a bit bitter in taste, but are you aware of the great medicinal value these leaves and flowers of the tree carry? They are rich in vitamins and are very good for health in many ways. Read on to know more about the same and add on to the discussion with additional knowledge if any.

    In almost all the houses we get to see a drumstick tree. Since the planting and maintenance of this tree is simple and easy, it is common in almost all houses.

    The leaves of drumstick tree are rich in calcium, iron, Vitamin A, B, C, beta carotene, manganese, protein and amino acids. If one uses this leaves at least weekly once as a dish, we can avail the benefits of all the vitamin contents at a time to our body. It removes anemia, skin disorders, breathing and indigestion disorders. It helps the pregnant ladies for strengthening the child in the womb. It also regulates the menopause in ladies. As the content of vitamin A is more in this leaves, sharpness in eyesight and eye related problems can be regulated by consuming this leaves. It further prevents heart diseases and the anti oxidants present helps in the prevention of cancer. The calcium gives strength to our bones and teeth as well.

    The flowers of this tree which are shed during particular seasons can be collected, dried in the Sun and powdered and can be given to children by mixing it in milk. It helps in regulating the digestion process and also increases the memory power.
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    Unmindful of so many benefits from drum stick tree leaves, we tend to prepare curry at least once in a week and it tastes good also. Our neighbor is having a big tree and he is kind enough to share the leaves regularly.
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    Yes drumstick leaves and flowers are very beneficial to our health. It is good even for a person suffering from kidney stones. It is rich in iron content and so very good for everyone especially pregnant ladies. Using drumstick or its leaves or flowers in curry once a week will help in maintaining one's health. It is also liked by most number of people for it's good taste.

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    Yes, indeed drumsticks leaves have many health benefits. I highlighted the same in the article I submitted for the recently concluded contest on Medicinal values. Here is a link to the article for those interested in knowing the medicinal values of the drumstick leaves -

    Drumstick leaves/moringa leaves/sahjan leaves have many medicinal values

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    Drumsticks and drumstick tree leaves have been gifted to us by the nature. As it is, drum sticks is one of the best vegetable that adds taste to Sambhar. Also drum stick fry is a great dish to eat with rice. More than this, the drumstick leaves are the cheap and best vegetable that is available to us. The drumstick and drumstick leaves provides energy that is equal to eating mutton. We prepare drumsticks fry by adding karam masala to taste like mutton fry. All vegetarians should prefer this vegetable at least twice in a week.

    In my childhood days, I used to eat drumstick fry regularly every day, during its season, as we had many drumstick trees in our farm land. Now I get it from my good neighbours.

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