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    Why some people are so much jealous .

    Some people are jealous to see the success of others .They forget that getting these, how that person worked day and night.He/She sacrifices a lot for achieving his/her mission.The jealous people have no clear stand for himself/herself.They always think about others. Some times they spread baseless rum ours about the person. They don't focus on self development. Jealousy is n't good for the person.In jealousy they forget the good qualities of the people.
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    Human beings by nature cannot tolerate the happiness and progress being enjoyed by others. Though some may not express their displeasure in open but they do vent their ire through actions and non cooperation. One wont understand that success to any person wont come as it is. Good planning, great execution, well planned move, and and above all registering best possible public relation. All these goes in to success of any person. But jealous people wont regard these at all. For them they think that success was achieved through wrong method or even bribing. Good qualities of other persons are discarded and they talk about one bad quality for ever.
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    Some people are jealous at others because they cannot reach the place a person has reached or they cannot achieve what others have achieved. Usually people start feeling jealous when they are competing with a person just to prove that he is superior than him but ends up seeing that person's success. Also if a person is trying to achieve something and is delayed but at the same time someother person is successful he will start feeling jealous. It is a kind off insecured nature in a person that makes him jealous of others.
    For example, if a person is facing difficulties in finding a job and if his friend lands up a job then he will start feeling insecure and jealous instead of being happy. This is a normal tendency of a human nature.

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    Jealousy is a property of human nature. It may be present in some people in minuscule amounts but in general it is there in abundance in most of the people. Every one is trying to achieve money and fame in this world and while doing so competition has to come in between and every one will not be equally successful in getting the luxuries of life. So the less successful will curse his luck and at the same time will be jealous with other person's achievement.

    Jealousy is a natural instinct but it harms the jealous individual like other similar properties of human race - anger, fighting spree, ill feelings, back biting etc. The person who has these traits will not be peaceful and happy. His mind will not be calm. He will be restless with his own ill thoughts.

    Jealousy is only good to the extent of competing with fellows and getting ahead. If your child is jealous of his friend who stands first in the class and is motivated and starts serious studies to take over that friend then we can say that this is one positive outcome of being jealous.

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    Nothing is wrong with jealousy. It is very natural to be jealousy. It is one of the quality of any human being. Though the word Jealous or jealousy is a negative word, it is also a positive trait . Jealousy helps a person to move forward and achieve their goal. Feeling jealousy is like getting stimulated. What is important is - A jealousy person should not be harmful to the person or thing that made the person jealousy. They should try hard and achieve what they want to be over which they felt jealousy.

    Jealousy is good but not that bad.

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    Seeing others success and trying for get success is not a wrong police. But feeling jealous at others success is not correct. For anybody success will not come free of cost. The hard work, hours of time spent and troubles faced by the person who is successful should be counted and we should also try in the same way for success. Being jealous of others may not bring success. There are people who think that loosing an eye is not a problem if the other person is loosing two eyes. A very dangerous approach and attitude. I have seen many people joining together out of jealousy for the success of one man and trying to harm him. This is very common in many medium and small Organisations where boss is also biased. However one should not worry about this and can concentrate on his work for getting success.
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    Yes it correct. Jealousy is the root of all evil in my opinion. No body want to see how much a person has work hard and sacrifice his life to get success. people only see his success.
    A person should see the hard work of a successful person and should follow in his life to become successful instead of jealousy.

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