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    When Govt makes good rules affecting others, we are happy but why we react when we are affected?

    Many times Govt makes good rules which are beneficial to the citizens in general. At the same time these rules also require some basic discipline, ethics and cooperation from the citizens.

    We also see these things in news with curiosity and interest and if the announced rules do not affect us but affect a particular section we take it normally and praise Govt for its courage and strictness.

    But if these rules affect us ( though they are for the development of the country only) and we are having some inconveniences in following them we become very critical and reactive towards these rules.

    Can the members give their opinion on this duality of our nature?
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    In fact every one of us are having selfish motives as we want sops from the government and at the same time we are not ready to accept the rules which affects us in large scale. Here I would blame the government too. For example when a ordinary citizen wants to avail a loan from banks, lots of formalities are asked, guarantees are ensured and above all it takes time to get the required loan. Where as the same bank wont mind giving crores of rupees as loan to corporate sector just because the approach is from the top side with top political recommendations and the amount sanctioned is instant and huge. And when it comes repaying, the common man is harassed and even his personal belongings are seized to pay the dues where as the big wigs go scott free taking asylum in foreign countries and the banks declare them pauper and waive the loans. That is why common man is also changing his stands.
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    Generally Government rules are followed and it should be followed. Otherwise we will be penalized. While you are driving and when you have stopped for a red light by any chance your vehicle crossed the line the camera will be clicked and Challan will come on line and you have to pay. We will do that. Like this for small small things common man is paying fines and taxes. A salaried employee has to pay income tax and no way to escape. When you are travelling on a high way you have to pay tole tax. Yes we will pay.

    But the so called rule makers. the state government and central government , MPs and MLAs in the disguise of their power they don't care for anything and they don't respect the rules. In India rule makers are rule breakers. They are above law. There only people are getting offended. When an MLA is getting huge payment why he can't pay tole tax. How he is above law.

    As already written in earlier responses, Corporate people can easily get away without paying the debts where as a small man will be shown stars if he is not repaying. Why this double standards. If this question can be answered properly by any MP or MLA. every Indian will be happy at whatever rules government makes.

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