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    Forest have started burning in Tehri Grahwal bhilangana area

    Budhakedar area is the remote zone area of Tehri Garhwal district Uttrakhand
    Since last 5-7 days forest area of Budhakedar forest and surrounding are under fire.
    Most surprising part of the same is that government have already invested lakhs and crore on the forest reform but really no reform has taken place after such remedy after very long time.
    These kinds of uninterrupted fire will definitely bring somehow devastating natural calamity in the coming future..
    Lessen yet have not been learnt from 2013 Kedarghati tragedy where thousands of people were dead and reported missing.
    Maximum reform works are underway in paper only ,not only govt body but also NGO are doing the kinds of reform and are just making money nothing else..Now funding agencies are releasing them funds its really shocking one.
    Now the big question arise ,who will save the nature ultimately in uttrakhand.
    When in many case forest deaprtment are reported involve in the same work so that they can hide their unauthorised cutting of forest land.
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    Warm welcome to Harshamani Uniyal as the new member of this great site and glad to see your first post on a social cause and in fact it was alert to the government to brace up and take immediate action. Budhakedar fire if not controlled in initial stages may flare to other areas of human habitat and cause heavy devastation. I know the summer in North area is severe and where ever dry wooden logs are piled up, even from the hot sun the natural ignition is possible and the fire cannot be controlled even by scores of fire engine. The aerial sprinkling of water has to be done in large scale for which the new Uttarakhand government must take the help of foreign countries who are expert in extinguishing forest fire. Only recently there was heavy fire in American forests and that was successfully put off.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Forest fires last very long and take hours to get exhausted. In countries like USA and Australia there are special forest fire fighters employed solely to control these fires. They even make use of aeroplanes to overcome the fires.
    I think India should employ such forces too because we are in danger every summer.

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    Forest fires are very difficult to control. They should be controlled initially only. Otherwise they will spread and may cause damage to nearby population. Growing again such a forest is also very difficult. To attack this calamity forest department should always have a plan in place. On site and Off site emergency plans with remedial actions should be made and keep ready to face these incidents. All the required facilities like fire hydrants of very high pressure should be ready to operate with in minutes. Mock drills to be conducted to train people. Then people will have sufficient knowledge and they will do the exercise to put off fire at very initial stage itself. Government should consult experts and make a guide line for this. Fire department officials who are trained in fire fighting should help the forest department in this respect. If necessary foreign expertise can be utilized for fire fighting.
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