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    Let us follow our forefathers for a healthy life

    Today, a man in early forties residing in our locality has suffered a cardiac arrest. He has been taken to the hospital and admitted immediately. The attending physician pointed out the man's unhealthy lifestyle. During a general discussion, the experienced physician asked all of us to follow the lifestyle of our forefathers to minimize the chances cardiac problem at an early age. His simple advices are summarised below:-

    (a) We must have a brisk walk for at least 15 minutes in the morning.
    (b) We must use stairs as much as possible.
    (c) If we are in desk job, we must give rest to our eyes after every two hours. We must splash water on our face and eyes at regular interval.
    (d) The desk-job employees must do some simple exercises of our neck while sitting. The chair should be wooden and of appropriate height.
    (e) We must take heavy breakfast and proper lunch. On the other hand, dinner must be early and light.
    (f) We must hit the bed early and have a good sleep.

    According to the physician, these simple steps (followed by our forefathers) would improve our health. So, let us try to follow these steps.
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    To be very frank, Our ancestors or forefathers did not follow this routine as advised by your physician. All physicians from the young who passed out from the medical college to the old physician who crossed 80 would advice the same. The six advices from them are not new to me or anyone. Our forefathers never walked for 15 minutes, they walked many a miles in a day due to non availability of proper transport system. Our forefathers did not climb up the steps as there were no multi-storey buildings with upstairs. They did not have any desk top computers or any other gadgets. they did not have any variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner. They had rice, roti and dal for all the three times. They never remained awake during night as there was no much light except the oil lamp.

    Anyway, it is good to follow the advice of the physician to be healthy .

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    Mr. Sun: I do know that these advices are not new, but we don't follow these advices. As for example, in earlier days (let's say 30-40 years ago) there were no high-rises, but my father used to go from ground floor to third floor in his office many a time by stairs. He used to walk a lot. Even at an age of 86+ today, he walks more than 3 km everyday. But the modern generation people don't do this.
    Let us take the example of chairs. In earlier days, there were only wooden chairs. Nowadays there are many fancy chairs which cause more harm than good to us.
    So, there are so many complications. Let's try to follow these simple advices.

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    Honestly, I do not see much in the physician's advice that can prevent cardiac arrest. Fifteen minutes of walking will barely make a difference to one's health. Walking should be at least for 45 minutes and at a good pace for it to be counted as a cardio workout.

    In my opinion, and I say this as someone whose medical reports are absolutely normal, at 50+, what you eat matters and not how much you eat. Eating a light dinner, consisting of unhealthy foods is going to harm you. We should eat wholesome meals that give us the right nutrition.

    I agree with taking the stairs, I climb seven floors to my apartment, every day. We need to make lifestyle changes, in order to remain healthy. Though at times despite doing everything right people suffer from health problems, owing to hereditary causes.

    A balanced diet coupled with exercise and a relaxed mind is a key to good health.

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    Can we expect a primary student doing Linear Programming Problem? No. At the first stage he/she would learn addition, substraction, multiplication and division. Later he/she would graduate to LPP. Same in this case. A person who never walks for three minutes at a stretch, can't be expected to walk briskly for 45 minutes at the initial stage.
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    Yes I agree with the author that our fore fathers were hale and healthy and they were hard working and the same time they kept the time schedule of eating and thus they nearly lived for 100 years with good eye sight, in tact 32 teeth. The food what we take is impure and adulterated. In those days the cooking oil was extracted by the Ghani through traditional and that was used. Now we are heavily depend on packed cooking oil with added chemicals which we do not know and the quality is not agreeable. At the age of forty itself we are getting eye sight, our teeth start falling one after other, we get various diseases by 50 years and supposed to take lots of medicines in kgs and thus our immune system get affected, our appetite is lost and we are slowly garnered to the death bed. But our forefathers were never bed ridden.
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    Today 2nd April, when I read through the newspaper 'Times of India' Bangalore edition, in its supplementary 'Times Life',(Health alert) I could read a column titled 'Follow your forefathers'. That reads -Leading Cardiac surgeon Dr Ramakanta Panda shares five simple and sensible ways to stay healthy before World Health Day (April 7).
    1.Follow your grandparents. Eat, sleep and walk the way they did.
    2.Sleep is a critical recovery period. Have an early dinner and hit the bed early
    3.Not having time to exercise is the most outdated excuse in the world. A 40 minute walk, using stair more often and getting up from the work desk every half an hour - are all very doable exercises.
    4.Stress can be a main reason for your unhealthy lifestyle. Develop a hobby . Do Yoga.
    5.Self-monitor your major health indicators,
    What's on his plate - He follows a mostly vegetarian diet six days of the week. Non-veg is reserved for Sundays.
    A high fibre meal comprising 2-3 egg whites. One multi-grain roti, vegetable and fruit.
    No carbs. Only 1-2 pieces of fish, veggies, dal, fruits.
    Soup, Salad and a mix of dry and seasonal fruits.

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    The world heath Organisation says average life span of a hum,an being is increasing. But the above discussion says longevity is coming down. Food habits are very important. Now a days people are going for fast foods which are not good for health. Earlier days people used to do lot of hard work and eat good food. Olden days the breakfast was previous night's rice soaked in buttermilk or starch solution (In Telugu it is called Ganzi, I don't know the equivalent English word. Sorry). they used to walk quiet a bit for their works. Main difference is in stress. Today everybody is under tremendous stress in the running life. There is no contentment. This is the main culprit. Stress will create lot of health problems. Olden days this much stress they don't have. They never bother about money.

    Another reason I see is the quality of food grains. All types of pesticides and insecticides are used. The residues of this are remaining in the food and causing health problems.

    With all this, because of advancement of science many new molecules are being discovered which are being used for medicines. So many serious health problems also are getting treated positively. So longevity increased.

    always confident

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    This is an interesting thread which once again reminding every one to follow a disciplined life style for good health.

    There is a tremendous change in worldly facilities today from the time of our grandfathers and we can not make a one to one comparison between their life style to ours but one thing is acceptable by every one that good life style is key to good health. Now how to bring in the discipline and determination to achieve it is the challenge ahead.

    The advices given in the thread by so many members are worth following and for those who are already following it is only a gentle reminder to keep on pursuing good habits.

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    To be healthy in our life - Follow your daily routine sincerely from the time you raise from the bed till you hit your bed at night. Always think good, do good, work well, eat well and sleep well. Avoid over eating. Avoid over sleeping. Avoid working with stress. Not to think about morning walk or evening walk or climbing up the stair cases or getting up from the chair etc. I am sure, we can lead a natural and healthy life on earth.

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    We cannot compare apples and oranges. Recommendation of a brisk walk for 15 minutes is insufficient, period. Health experts recommend an active lifestyle, which includes longer walks. Did the doctor not suggest stair climbing as an exercise routine? I think stair climbing works the heart more than walking. Someone who can do this physical activity can surely walk for 45 minutes, at a brisk pace. The doctor should have suggested that the duration is increased, gradually.

    When the fear of ill-health lurks close, most people willingly make drastic lifestyle changes. Someone who cannot walk for 45 minutes at a stretch should be advised to break the routine into smaller, doable routines, of say 15 minutes of brisk walking, three times a day.

    Also, someone who cannot walk longer than 15 minutes must already be in very poor health. The sooner they take the exercise route to good health, the better it would be for them.

    And as DR.N.V.SRINIVASA RAO.,M.Sc.,Ph.D ahs pointed out, life expectancy has increased over the years.

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    The advises are simply hard if not possible for those who work in metro city. A normal office going people life start in the morning, rushing towards to go to work. He/she has to travel bus/train/auto or walk to reach office. Everyone knows how competitive our life now, if you become slow, other will over take you. Evening, while reaching at home it become 9 pm, in Mumbai kind of city it become even late till 10 pm. When you go to bed it is almost 11 and till you go to sleep it become midnight almost. In such situations, living our life like our forefather is just imaginable. The time has changed and people have to take risk to their health there is no alternative if one is living in metro cities. However, people should take care of their help whenever it needed.

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