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    The culture and tradition make us rich

    Our culture and traditions are our strength.It is the way through we are recognized in the world.So school should have a period to teach the students about the culture and traditions of our country.The children of today are our future.They should have knowledge of our rich culture and traditions.If they will have the knowledge they will leave a good impact in the world.Are you agree with this?India is a land of a variety of cultures and traditions .These have essence of life.The food of north ,south,east and west India the dresses,dances,music our beliefs fill colors in our lives.The way we celebrate our festivals make us happy.Should not it a subject of study?
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    I am fully agreeing with the author that merely having a good education cannot bring name and fame. Our culture and tradition what our elders followed must be taken to further heights by the today's youth, otherwise the future generations may not know about the same. In many homes without the elders presence, they do not know the importance of particular day. The people wake up late, when even neighbors are celebrating, they does not bother or want to know what they are celebrating. The other day when a function was going on in one of my friends house and naturally near and dear ones and also friends are invited. But the boy of the house was wearing shorts and banian much to the surprise and annoy of guests as most of them came traditional dress to attend the function.
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    Yes I am also agree with author. India is a country of a rich tradition and culture. Unity in diversity is found in India. There are people who have different culture and tradition. We should teach our student about this tradition and culture and also make aware them to protect this tradition and culture which is the identity of India. It is more important in the present age where everyone believe that his culture and tradition is superior. We should make effort to protect and save cultures and traditions of India.
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    India is a country with very good culture and traditions. India is the land of Vedas and Purana. Very great people born here and brought fame and name to this country. We learn many things from them if we read their history. We celebrate different festivals. Each festival is having a special story behind it and there will be a reason for celebrating the festival. Our culture is rich of ethics and morals.

    This information is definitely to be taught in schools and colleges as a compulsory subject so that the younger generation will know about our culture and tradition. In some families by virtue of their parents and grandparents the children are able to know about it. But many are missing. So definitely it should be a portion in the curriculum
    Recently what I have observed is the social media is doing a lot of propaganda for this which is most welcome. However if we make everybody to study this subject, the outcome will be definitely good. .

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    Today in the race for modernization we are forgetting our culture and heritage. We are running to adopt western fashions and styles in our life and in this blind race we have left our ancient knowledge of things related to our culture and civilization totally at back stage.

    This is an unfortunate scenario and we must understand that a person is known by his culture and not by the things he has copied from other countries and their cultures.

    We have got a magnificent and knowledgeable system of cultural legacy in our country and we must honour and respect it if we want to say with proud in front of the world that look here, we are Indians and we are proud of our heritage.

    The school syllabus should be biased to our culture and anything related to it. There is a lot of mathematics in our Vedas and Upnishads. There are already books on Vedic Mathematics and they mesmerise the readers with their simplicity but power to solve mathematical problems. These things can be easily mentioned in between the usual syllabus of schools so that students get familiar with these highlights of our culture.

    We must preserve our culture and getting any opportunity try to convince our youngsters its importance and need in our life.

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