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    Share your ideas for an engineering college Tech-Fest

    Most of you are familiar with or have experienced a Technical Fest atleast once in your life. Along with the approaching summer comes the delightful Tech-Fests in many established engineering colleges in India. So it would be very helpful for those engineering students out there searching for a topic or an idea to present on their Technical Fest. So this thread is raised so that students can get some latest technical contents which are worth presentable at college level.

    Note that before you give an idea, do specific which engineering field it belongs to and most likely how much it will cost after its effectivene completion. Hoping for some decent elements in response. Thankyou.
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    I am a chemical engineering student and I'm currently in my second year. My college conducts tech-fests every once in a while. If your intent was to get an idea, I have lots of them, in theory atleast. I'm not very good at projects.
    My idea is use of bacterio-phages in cleansing water. Cleaning water is a purely chemical process as of now. Chemicals must be administrated in an accurate amount and it comes with side effects. But using biological components instead, though consumers a longer time, is totally devoid of harmful effects on body. I'm currently working on my idea.

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    This project will be good for Chemical Engineers. Now a days water and air pollution are creating problems. Government is not giving permission to chemical Industries if they are not planning a proper effluent treatment plan and water treatment methods. For small scale industries it is becoming very difficult to go for chemical production.

    Ion exchange methods and reverse osmosis methods are being used for water purification. The problem is what to do with the water coming out as a waste in these methods.So some other method which will not produce any waste during treatment is the need of the hour. Some universities are trying some biological methods for this treatment.
    Students can study this water treatment Technics for the industries near bye which will be very useful.

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    Well I am not a engineer nor have the ideas to suggest you one. But what I feel as a common man that apart from we being heavily depended on trees for oxygen there must be ways and means to keep human being survived through other sources. Scientists and Engineers must give a thought on my idea. Though now and then the government insists to have plantation of trees on large scale but invariably they are cut and removed to pave way for housing and infrastructure development and thus lung space for oxygen would be shortage of future. Hope my suggestion would go into the minds of budding young ones.
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