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    Tonight, this girl will not study, I know!

    I see her looking at her new shoes off and on, as if they will run away if she doesn't give any attention. My sister looks so innocent that it's hard to scold her. It's her small pleasure. I can't afford her anything more. Should I deny her this too? May be not, but may be yes. Her Class test and exams are just around the corner and she needs to look at her books.

    We get only two to three hours of electricity out here. So we are using lantern lamps fueled by kerosine and sometimes candles. This gives quite good light. I need to see that she studies instead of wasting her time by staring at her new shoes.

    One growl is enough!

    I could laugh at her reaction. She is innocent. She startled.

    Did she think I was not watching her?

    I buy her new shoes only once a year. May be that is the reason!

    Any opinion?
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    It's nice. You are trying to portray your feelings for your sibling in a poetic manner. You try to keep her happy despite your conditions. It is the smallest things that keeps people happy.
    Maybe that's the reason. You brought her new shoes. Something new in her routine life. It was bound to attract her attention.

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    It is very common and natural to look at our new shoes or any other foot-wear very frequently for one or two days. Your young girl is not an exemption to this. I don't blame the girl or her shoes but John Deo, the culprit behind this new shoes. But I am sure, the girl will do well in her examination by having a good feeling with her new shoes on and shining under the examination desk.
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    @Adity, she is my most loving creature. I have sacrificed my education for her. But I don't feel any pinch. She eats my cooking and appreciates it even if I add more salt than I should have. We have been such loving siblings. But at times, she does ask me things. I know she understands that it is tough for me to run the show.
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    Hello Sun,
    My sister is still a child. She must feel the need for things that other children have and we don't. This is one of the moments when I feel like asking God. Maybe God is busy. That is why He hasn't spared us some time. I'm just asking for this awful sister. God let her be happy.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Very heart touching description of fascination of a little girl for her new shoes and linking it to her studies which are of utmost importance for the parents.

    The charm of a new thing is always like that. If we remember how we were thrilled when we got our bicycle, scooter, car, mobile phone, foreign trip etc.

    Such times we are so thrilled and occupied that all other activities go to back stage however important they be.

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    @Umesh, I often trapped in this scenario, but I believe in God. He must have some faith in me to give this hardship. Maybe he wants me to understand others. I believe He will someday make me rich and then all his understanding will help me compassionate towards others.
    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    By His grace if someone becomes rich, he may be in a position to think of catering time to a cutie, tiny sibling as richness makes people more busy.

    When I try to visualise the inner meaning of the poem of the author, my mind tells me that the financial position of the bro only made his mind towards his sis to enjoy and experience the mood of the situation.

    And the innocent sibling, its not her mistake to drag her attention towards the new shoe than the old books but her childish brain tend to do that. But a bro nearby her is always there to control the childish brain.

    Very nice narration dear Mr.John Deo. God bless you.

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    The brother -sister bonding has been nicely explained by the author. These are the small but wonderful moments of life which we always cherish when ever we are down. By the way your sister is not at fault . She has every reason to enjoy the occasion that you have obliged her with new shoes which she is waiting for. Normally children are carried away with new things and they preserve in such a way that no one should either try nor use it. It reminds me of such of kind is situation between we four brothers and four sisters. Every time there would be fun, frolic, teasing and above happiness guaranteed.
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    What a way to bring out emotional thoughts in words! So open and honestly written. John, please keep caring such love to your sister, it is so precious.

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