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    What is the ideal and healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to remain healthy?

    We Indians are different due to our varied culture and food. We have the dishes for north and south. While the Southerners prefer Idli and dosai for break fast, the northerners prefer roti and dal for breakfast. The days have changed. We started feeling one India and only Indians. Also we have started following the western food culture. We started tasting bread butter jam, Sandwich, Pizza, burgers, noodles, and what not and all.

    Now let us discuss:
    What is the ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner. As of now, what is the food system you follow to remain healthy, and what food system you recommend to remain healthy in our life?

    Please come up with your frank responses that would help the ISCians food habit to remain healthy and serve ISC for many long years.
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    According to me an ideal breakfast must consist a lot of proteins. So any fruit juice and sprouts would do.
    At lunch, heavy protein and carbohydrates are required. So meat and fish are ideal choices for meat-eaters and cooked rice with green leafy fiber containing vegetables for vegans.
    Dinner must be very light. You can eat a fruit or two to keep in check.
    This would be an healthy diet according to me.

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    what system I follow is heavy breakfast, light lunch and very light dinner.

    I eat full meal with one curry,one doll, rasam and curd at about 9.30 AM. This is my breakfast.
    Around 2.00 PM i take some sprouts, fruits, dry fruits and some snacks. This my lunch. It is advisable to take fruits rather than fruit juices.
    In the evening I take 2 chapatis or 3 idlies. with buttermilk. This is my dinner.
    This is how I am maintaining from last 10 years. I don't have any health disorder.

    I don't suggest anybody to eat fast foods. Outside made food also not good. Home made food is always good. But some times I may be going our of station. Then I will take food in a good restaurant.

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    Your query prompted me to put down my meal plan in an article. I have been as honest as I could be. Here goes - Eating habits that keep me healthy.
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    For me nothing satisfies like having a meal. In our house there is no breakfast culture and we are habituated to taking lunch in the morning itself. By having lunch in the morning we can sustain the hungry till evening when we shall have tiffin items and thus our children are also habituated. They also eat rice in the morning and take tiffin box with them to college and they feel full of stomach by eating lunch in the morning and no question of feeling hungry during the day. This system of having food has been created by my parents and we are following the same. Even on Sunday the same pattern.
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    I belong to Malwa region. In this region generally jalebi, poha and samosa are taken as break fast. At home I take poha, idly, khaman or khakhra as break fast with tea.
    I lunch I generally take any one vegetable,, dal, roti ( some time non veg also) with any one fruit. In dinner I take rice or pulav with soup or any vegetable. At night before sleeping I take one glass of milk.
    I can't say is it a balanced diet or not, but my health is good no problem so far at the age of 43 years.

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    750 ml - 1000 ml Pure Water on empty stomach (helps to start the day a fresh)
    Healthy Breakfast - 3 - 6 Idli, a cup of Milk or Ragi Malt (especially in Summer Season)
    Healthy Lunch - Cup of Rice, 2 Chapathi, Curry, 1 cup curd, Salad
    Healthy Dinner - 3 Pulkas, Curry.

    K K

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    I do not consciously follow any strict regime in food habits. I follow from my family, habits, taste and affordability and availability. I do not have any fixed timings or any fixed menu.
    But in general, breakfast is of Idlis, Dosas or Upma etc. Lunch will be rice with one common liquid dish like Saambaar etc and a dry dish with vegetables like cabbage, carrot etc. plus buttermilk or curd. Dinner may be of Chappathi and veg curry, Idlis, Dosas, or even rice meals.

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