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Disclaimer: Those posting queries should note that the so-called astrological predictions posted by the author are as per his own personal views & not of the site. You are advised to use your best judgement.
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    Sun's fun for April - Modern Astrology

    This is time to enjoy Sun's fun astrology. This astrology is known as Sunrology. How it works? Just simply post a three figure number containing figures 1 to 9(0 not allowed) e.g 239 447, 726 etc. and post three questions (only three) relating to your future. It will be answered by Sun using Sunrology. Let your questions be genuine. Don't ask questions that might confuse me and you.

    Why wait? You are free to shoot your three.
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    Let me test how far your Sunrology works wonder: Here are the numbers and followed by three questions:

    111 When will I be able to help others even before they ask or expect ?

    222 Do I have the chance to witness the marriage and see my grand children ?

    333 What may be my date of death year ?

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan,
    I wanted only a single three digit number and three questions. Never mind. My answer to your questions.

    1. After your wards marriage.
    2. Yes. Most certainly.
    3. Between 75 and 85

    No life without Sun

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    Mr sun my questions are:
    1. ( 123) when will i be able to purchase my first four wheeler?
    2. ( 456) when should I apply for Google Adsense approval so that I can get an approved account.
    3. (789) My son want to be a software engineer. He is in 8 standard. Should I go with his decision or think something else?

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Mr sun i have also mentioned three different numbers with three questions. If you only need one figure then its 456.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Dear Hakimuddin
    1. Time was ripe to have a four wheeler. If you haven't got one, you might get it within 2 years.
    2. This can be answered by Mr. Tony John. You are already a gold member eligible to apply for Google adsense provided you meet all the eligibility requirement.
    3. Mechanical Engineering will be the best.

    No life without Sun

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    The number is 328

    1. Will I have a baby girl or a baby boy?
    2. When will I get a chance of travelling abroad?
    3. Will I ever be able to ride a car leaving behind my fears?

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    1 .Surely a baby Boy to delight.
    2. Not in the near future. But you will go abroad.
    3. Yes. You are a smart lady to drive a car without fear.

    No life without Sun

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    The number is 336.

    The questions are
    1. When should I retire from my service. I am in a private company. No retirement age there.
    2. What will be my financial position after retirement. I won't get pension after retirement.
    3.Is there any chance for me to change job with in next 2 or 3 months.

    always confident

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    My number is 952.
    My questions-
    1. What is the outlook for my health in future - same as before, improve or deteriorate.
    2. When I will be able to conceive my long pending travel with my spouse abroad ( I have visited abroad earlier but that was alone and this one being asked to you is for specifically with spouse).
    3. What will be my financial condition in future : so-so, ok or very good.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. Rao,
    1. Since there is no retirement age, you can think of retiring after 70 years. The ruling planet will be favouring you.
    2. Since you will retire after 70 years, your financial position will be healthy. The same planet continues to rule.
    3. If you have a plan to change your job, and if you attempt, you will succeed.

    No life without Sun

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    Mr. Umesh,
    1. You will maintain your normal health until last.
    2. Surely, you are likely to fly abroad with your spouse within 5 years.
    3. You will be financially OK and comfortable.

    No life without Sun

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    Thank you Mr. Sun for your encouraging words. I am trying for a change, as soon as change I will let you know.
    always confident

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    Very joyful and a good time-pass thread to all the members. Astrology itself is a curious subject to most of the persons and enjoyment out of that. Very Good.. I too want to float a number with genuine questions.

    My number is 917 and my questions are:

    1) My son is moving now from 7th to 8th Standard of his studies. I would like to see him as an IITian or as a Civil Servant. Which one he can achieve?
    2) My daughter is moving now from 5th to 6th Standard of her studies. Will she be settled in good position (education wise and family wise)?
    3) I am the only son to my parents rather only child. Will I be able to be with them till their/my last breath?

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    Mr. Geekay,
    Thanks for your good comments on my astrology.

    1. Your son will be an able administrator.
    2. She will pursue her higher studies and will have a well balanced personal and professional life.
    3. You are sure to be with your parents till their last days, provided you overcome all the influencing factors in your life.

    No life without Sun

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    The Sunrologist Sun will be away from this site for a day w.e.f. 1500 hrs today. Kindly post your queries and wait for my return. Hope to solve many members curious queries through Sunrology, a fun astrology..

    No life without Sun

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    Quite Interesting!
    No. 213
    1. When will I become a Software Engineer.
    2. Will my sister become a District Administrator (EAC)
    3. At what age will I marry?

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Thank you very much Mr. Sun for your prompt response and positive feedback. I think Sunorology is not hurting anyone and always with positive attitude.

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    John Deo,
    1. You will become software engineer on completion of the studies, probably within three to five years.
    2. Since you have mentioned a particular post (EAC), it cannot be predicted. But your sister will have a bright future.
    3. You might marry before 2030.

    No life without Sun

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    Thank you very much for honouring my sunrology cum funrology. I was pleased, and hope all the members must have been pleased with my answers. All my predictions may not be accurate, but accurate to a certain extent. Please don't rest on my funrology. The fate written on our pate cannot be changed or erased. It remains. All the best members.

    No life without Sun

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    I am a bit late for this.. but i want to involve in this interesting topic sunorology.
    My number is 122 and my question are-
    1. When i will be able to join an NGO as i want to help people.
    2. When i will get growth in carrier, I am not even sure that what i want to do in my coming. Recently i am working in govt. sector.
    3. Are people around me happy with me. ??

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    I do not know your age to pinpoint and say exactly when you will be.

    1. You will be able to help people after the year 2022.
    2. As of now, your career is good and you are likely to grow in the same sector.
    3. Since you have a tendency to help others, why doubt the happiness of people around you? All are happy.

    All the best.

    No life without Sun

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