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    How will you act when a stranger offers a pamphlet to you on the roads?

    It is very common to see strangers giving pamphlet and bit notice on the busy crowded areas. The act of the people varies when someone interrupts and offers a pamphlet on the road. Some people will avoid getting the pamphlet; some will receive the pamphlet and will throw it away after moving to a few distance and there are some people who will keep the pamphlet into their pockets or bag if they find any information useful to them. In general, many people get irritated when someone blocks and offers a pamphlet on the roads. But even at such a situation some people will think from the perspective of a stranger and will behave accordingly and some will act thinking only from their own point of view.

    Do you find the act of distributing the pamphlet on the roads to be irritating? How will you act when a stranger offers a pamphlet to you on the roads?
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    Many a time when I am waiting for the signal to turn green, some enthusiastic marketing persons do hand over leaf let or pamphlet regarding any product or service. I wont discard but take it. And after going to some distance I shall read the contents and if matters I shall keep it or otherwise throw it in dustbin. Actually I can reject the hand bills at the signals itself, but that would hurt the representative who has been painstakingly doing his job and if we tear it off or throw the same hand bill on the road it would hurt him. So I advise others also to follow this rule and oblige to take hand bills.
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    Never. I never get irritated whenever someone serves a pamphlet or notice to me on the road. I accept it happily and go through it. I don't throw it even if doesn't concern me or attract me. If I find the language which I don't understand, I politely refuse stating that I don't understand the language. I respect the pain taken to print such a pamphlet. It contains the alphabets of the language which is treated as Goddess Saraswathi. For e.g. If I get a pamphlet in Tamil, English and Hindi, I accept it and go through it. Mostly they are ads for publicity. At times, they are from certain religions. I value them.
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    Most of the time I decline to receive the pamphlets. However, even if I am persuaded to take the pamphlets ( in less than 10% of cases), I throw these in the nearest dustbin. I don't find the contents interesting. In Delhi, generally I receive pamphlets of some Tantriks who say that they can do miracles, or, seeking help for organisations or persons. I don't bother reading these.
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    Whenever a stranger gives me pamphlet I don't take pamphlet form him but if he force me I take pamphlet and throw it in dustbin without reading .
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    I make eye contact, smile and gently refuse it, by raising my hand and saying thank you. I generally find people distributing pamphlets at the toll booths near where I live. These are predominantly brochures of ongoing real estate projects.
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    Generally I don't refuse to accept the pamphlets distributed on the roads, schools, colleges, signals, melas, exhibitions, etc. Since it is a kind of publicity / advertisement, it is upto us whether to accept or to refuse. While we watch TV so many advertisements are come up within a span of 8-10 minutes despite of any serious or severe issues are being broadcasted. Sometimes we watch the advertisements and sometimes we change the channel to avoid the advertisements. In the same manner, even we are on our way very urgently or hurriedly, sometimes we face this kind of distribution on our way.

    But I am sure at any one point of time at least one pamphlet would be useful to everyone so I feel it should not be refused to accept and afterwards as per his wish whether to keep or throw.

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    Members, especially who refuse to accept a pamphlet,
    Just think about yourself. When you are required to distribute a pamphlet to promote your business directly by you or through your subordinates, and if you or they face the same refusal to accept, how would you feel then? It will be ideal and right to accept than to refuse to please the guy who expects us to go through the pamphlet prepared after spending time and energy.

    Never say no to pamphlets. It doesn't take a second to get it in your hands. Accept it cheerfully if you can read and understand the language.

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    What purpose would it serve to accept a pamphlet when it would be discarded shortly. Members here have mentioned throwing the pamphlets in dustbins. Kudos to them, more often than not people just throw them on the road. I have always observed leaflets strewn on the road, just a few metres from where someone is distributing them.

    I also do not subscribe to creating junk and at the end of the day, this is what such pamphlets end up as. Pamphlets are also made of paper and I do not need to stress the need to preserve trees.

    Agreed it is a job, but if I do not take the pamphlet, someone else will. Maybe, that someone else would be better able to use the information than I would.

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    No, I don't get irritated because I know its a kind of advertisement. I do take sometimes if it is relevant for me if not I simply avoid. Those who distribute pamphlets do know that many people will throw it. However, they look for those who may need the pamphlets and this is what their aim is.

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    Generally I don't refuse the pamphlets offered by strangers while travelling. I will take the paper, read it and keep it if I find it useful. Otherwise I will put it in the dustbin.Now a days another practice noticed is serving the pamphlets through daily news papers or keeping on the gate of our house.

    Many phone calls will be coming for product promotional activities. I refuse to take these calls.Similarly, many people started asking us to write our details including cell number to win their contest. Once we write our number they go on disturbing you on you phone. I never accept that writing also.

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    If my hands are free, then I always accept such pamphlets, brochures, notices etc. I cannot guarantee that I rad them all. But I take them because they come to our use many times.
    If I have to continue in a journey after getting that pamphlet, then I use those papers for cleaning the bus/train seats; use them a support for holding glass of tea or coffee. They come in handy for wrapping the small purchases or keeping and disposing waste and left overs. They become handy in cleaning hand (in the absence of handkerchief).

    They help me in keeping them as support for the uneven surfaces to balance a cupboards table etc. If they are blank on one side, I cut them and use them as scribbling paper.(This was mentioned by me in my response#563991in this thread.

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