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    Which is your best compliment so far you have received.

    We are human and we need some kind of compliment sometime, whether it is from your home, office or friends. Compliments are different kind, someone praise you because they need you. Some compliments are so honest and selfless. Interesting is that your heart only filled with joy, when you receive a compliments from someone who is too honest for you. Meaning, that compliment which comes without any thought, it comes bluntly and which make you feel so good.

    Other day, I was just singing a song and I got my best compliment from my 6 years old daughter who said bluntly that singer Arijit Sing voice match with my voice. I felt so happy because that words came from a kids who are always honest in expressing. I have got many such compliments but this one touched my heart and till now is my best compliments, I have received.

    So, lets remember our own happy moments and express ourself our best compliment in our life so far. Do you have any, why not express it here?
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    The best complement which I received so far is from the Principal of Vijaya High School and my own daughter when she scored 10/10 in Tenth class exams and during the press meet the Principal lauded the efforts of me and my wife in nurturing a good child as she was consistent topper from Nursery to tenth in same school. He was telling time and again about how we used to be one step ahead of other parents and how we interact on parent -teacher meeting day. That was the nice complement because a parent feel proud about the achievement of their children and if that comes from the head of the school, we have been blessed.
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    The best compliment I received and felt happy is the compliment from one of my cousin's grandson who appreciated my car driving . You all know, I own a Fiat Padmini. Once I happened to drive a Ford Fiesta car owned by my cousin. I was on the wheel with my cousin and his wife and their grandson aged six. After crossing a distance of about 50 Kms, the boy simply said, "Grandpa, Your driving is excellent." I was just astonished and asked him to say again. He repeated,"Grandpa, I said that your driving is too good. You drive better than my grandpa and father." I thanked him for his compliment. My cousin said," Sundar, he said the truth." An unforgettable compliment in my life appreciating my driving.
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    One day a reporter of a Telugu daily new paper came to me to my house and he was inquiring about my Organisations performances during that year and future plans of Organisation. I explained him what little I know about the company. During the course of interaction he asked me question about my personal details like education, experience, family background, also. After two days one of colleague brought me a paper cutting which is laminated and gave it to me. To my astonishment I found a very good article in the paper about me. I felt very happy the way in which he has presented my details and achievements. The heading he has given to the article is really inspiring. I feel that is the best compliment I have received.
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