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    Behaviour and humility prove the greatness

    Day before yesterday, Dalai Lama was in Guahati to take part in 'Namami Brahmaputra' festival. In Guahati, Dalai Lama met and instantly recognised his first Indian bodyguard, Havildar Narenchandra Das (Retd.), 5 Assam Rifles. Dalai Lama embraced the old Havildar. Havildar Das never imagined that this great religious leader would be able to recognise him.

    58 years ago, when young Dalai Lama was coming to India from Tibet, he crossed the Indo-China border near Bumla (presently in Arunachal Pradesh). Havildar Das, a young Jawan of 5 Assam Rifles at that time, received him at the broder. He took Dalai Lama from Bumla to Lumla via Tawang and safely handed him over to the high-ranking Indian officials.

    Dalai Lama still remembers his first Indian body-guard, a non-descript Jawan, who was with him only for a few days. Not only that, he has openly recognised Havildar Das in front of other dignitaries. This proves the greatness of the great religious leader.

    Indeed sermons don't prove the greatness of a person. The behaviour and humility do.
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    Yes I also came across the photos of Dalai Lama embracing his first time body guard Havildar Das in front of every big dignitaries surprise and that proved his humility and the fact that we should not forget those who have helped us in bad times. This meeting reminds me of meet between Sudhama and Lord Krishna who was his best child mate. Sudhama thought, Krishna would not recognize him, but to every one surprise, he not only came to the main gate of his palace, welcomed his old best friend and also made him to sit in Krishna's seat and also washed his feet. That proves that some people wont forget the past relations, the great moments and they wont mind what others think. Here I must also appreciate the memory power of Dalai Lama who could remember Havildar Das and thus this meeting become a powerful statement of humility and greatness.
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    I have also read that Dalai Lama embracing his first time body guard Havildar Das in front of a big gathering. It is a good example that proves the humility of Sri Dalai Lama. Yes. humility and behavior will prove the greatness. I remember a small story from Mahabharata. Everybody understood that the war between Pandavas and kauravas is inevitable. Both the parties want the help of Lord Krishna. Duryodhana gone to Ayodhya to seek the help of Krishna. At that time Krishna was sleeping on a bed. Duryodhana gone there and seen there are chairs both on the head side and leg side of Lord. Duryodhan thought that if he sits near his legs it will bring down his image. So he sat on the head side chair. After a moment Mr.Arjuna came there saluted to the feet of Lord and sat in the chair on the leg side. After a moment Krishna got up and seen Arjuna first and gave chance first to make the selection. This gives us how our behavior help us in building our image. Your greatness will come with your behavior.
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    Humility is definitely a noble virtue in behaviour. Humility makes others respect and regard us irrespective of our position, designation and status. It also makes the other person and witnesses comfortable and grateful.
    Humility is an additional welcome ornament for people of high status and power.

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