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    How to start earn money

    My self vanita. I live in jagadhri distt Yamunanagar harayana. I am a house wife please tell me what to do for earn money at home.
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    Vanita Dhiman warm welcome to this site as a new member and glad to know that your aim is to earn money. Being a house wife, certainly you would be having spare time which can be used to share your views and information in this site by creating self made article on any subject with good heading, summary, content and conclusion in that order. You can also participate in this forum section, ask experts section and job section and start earning money. To be frank you cannot expect a wind fall gain or income from this site, but I can assure you that if you have the ability to create words in to a meaningful discussion on this site, surely cash credits are given to every post which is credited to your account and at the end of every month the total money earned is tabulated and paid through bank account.
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    Welcome to this site, Ms. Vanita Dhiman. Before thinking about earning, I would request you to understand how ISC functions. You must know the activities going on in different sections and sub-sections, go through various posting directives and then chose most convenient sections/sub-sections for yourself. Earning will definitely follow proper learning.
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    Vanita welcome on this platform. You have selected a good platform. You can earn money on ISC by different ways. There are many section like forum, ask expert, resources, job, admission in school etc contribute in different section to earn money. Start your journey from forum section. Read guidelines before contributing to know more about this site. How to earn from this site please visti.
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    Greetings and welcome aboard.

    The world is wide but we all are united by this educational portal called India Study Channel. We are more united by reading each other post, articles and answers in Ask Expert sections. We are united because of one goal. Our goal is to share knowledge, help and guide members and make this educational portal of India a better and more suitable platform to interact.

    We interact by sharing our thoughts with a forum thread that is opened by ISCians. Just browse through the guidelines before getting started. Browse through our Ask Expert, Resources, Jobs and Forum section and you'll see tons and tons of questions, worth reading articles and threads.

    What you just need is to have a basic knowledge to write and have a good imagination. You will soon thank this platform when you realised that you had improved.

    All the success!

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    As mentioned by Mr. John Deo, ISC is a very good platform to share knowledge and improve our knowledge and skills. It is like earn while you learn. Everyday I spend 1 or 2 hours on this channel. I am learning many new points from various sections of this site. So I think you have made a the best choice and all the best to you. As mentioned by others there will not be a wind fall of money. But definitely it will be motivating you to go further. We can read all the articles, subjects mentioned in forums and answers for questions which will help you in learning. At the same time you can also post your thoughts and knowledge so that others will get benefited. Don't get worried about initial problems and earnings. Slowly every thing will improve. All the best to you.
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    My advise is not to run immediately for earning in ISC. You should spend sometime in ISC forum and reading the guidelines of this website. Understand it first, spending few days in forum will get you enough idea from where you should start earning. In article / Ask expert/ posting job are the some important section you can earn money. The more you interact here, the more you will get ideas how and from where you can earn money.

    All the best and good luck.

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    Hi Vanita,
    There are hundreds of platforms online to earn extra income. ISC is one of such platforms. You can start contributing to ISC portal to earn money in INR. Resources, Ask Experts and Forums sections are more rewarding ones. After consistent contribution for 6 months, you can apply for Google Adsense account. Then you can earn for the ads displyed on your articles along with the cash credits offered by ISC Admins. All the Best...

    K K

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    Greetings Mrs.Vanitha. I wish you most welcome to INDIASTUDYCHANNEL (INS). your question is directly shows or represents that your main purpose is earn money.there are millions of platform for earning money in the market.Now I directly came to the matter,however you can earn money through India study channel and its very easy to use. first of all try to learn how to operate this website can earn by discussion in forum of this can share your thoughts, experiences,status and start to get points.mainly,you can write articles and post it here and its really good chance to earn money. If you have any question papers post here,you'll be start to earn money. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at any time.Welcome,finally you got the destination. Thank-you for being active member of ISC.All the best.

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