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    Making law is not important but implementing it is important

    As we know there are so many laws that are being passed. There are laws about women's saftey, law about child labour, law about early marriage etc. Also there are many new laws that will be passed now and then. But I feel, these laws are just passed without seriously implementing it. When a particular law is passed, everyone should adhere to the rules and follow the instructions failing which an action should be taken against the person. But in our country nobody is serious about the laws and no action will be taken because of which people act as they wish without the fear of anything and anyone. Every law should be taken seriously and measures should be taken to follow them.
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    Rightly said by the author. Under the pressure of rights activists and other organization government buck to their pressure and enact laws. Though the enforcement agencies are given sweeping powers to nab the non follower, we find only selective nabbing. For example smoking in public is serious offense and even it has fine and jail term. But seldom the police have arrested the culprits who were not only smoking in public and also having booze in public. Like wise in Hyderabad the helmet rule is being followed very strictly and to the luck of old city public, the same traffic police is lethargic and wont fine them even without helmets. Likewise tapping from the current wires is the illegal crime and one can be sent to jail. But in old city that is happening in every house and the electric department is also taking light.
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    In India, law is made by legislators and implemented by the executives. In the country, there is no dearth of law-makers at any level (Parliament/Assembly/ Panchayat+Corporation), but there is severe shortage of executives at all levels . Increasing population with no civic sense is aggravating this problem of execution.
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    yes, You are right sushma. Laws must be implemented without any partiality. In India we see it does not happen due to corruption. Everyone knows that in India it is easy to escape due to corruption. When you break a traffic law, you can easily escape by giving only 50 rs or 100 rs.
    Self awareness is necessary for the implementation of law. Every person should know that law are made for the welfare of the people not of the government. Without awareness it is not possible to implement any law in India.

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    What is the use of laws if no body follows. In our country many people want to earn money and live happily. They will never think of rules and ethics. Because people are aware that you can get out of any problem by spending money. The reason is here law makers are law breakers. You can see people earning crores of rupees and moving around free even though there are hundreds of cases against them in the court. They can contest elections and win elections and rule the country. So nobody is having guts to implement law strictly in India as the big bosses will always support corrupt only. Nobody can enforce law unless otherwise self realization is there. Recently in Hyderabad, a police throw all the fruits of a vendor into sewage because he put his cart on the wrong side. The same police did not disturb the other vendors there as they offered him money. Awareness is there but realization of severe consequences if not followed is not there in India.
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    A simple law, not crossing the red signal in road itself looking so hard, its better we do not talk about other law. Unless and until, we follow any law with proper mind set, nothing can become successful. It is us who has to stand tall with such law if it is going to help our society.

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