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    Do you wear wrist-watch? If yes, on which hand?

    Nowadays with the increasing popularity and use of of mobile phones, the use of wrist-watches is becoming less. Very few people (irrespective of gender) are using wrist-watches because people can easily check the time from their mobile phones.

    In my case, I don't feel comfortable using wrist-watch. I have not been using wrist-watch since my college days, when nobody heard about mobile phone.

    But this thread is for different purpose. During my younger days, the elders always used to advise us to wear wrist-watches on our left hand. They used to say that it was easier to check time if we wore the wrist-watch on our left hand. Moreover, it was rude to wear watch on our right hands. But there is no such taboo nowadays.

    I would like to know from the Members of ISC if they still wear wrist-watches, or not. If they still use watches, on which hand do they wear watches? Is there any advantage to wear watch on your right/left hand?

    Members kindly respond.
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    Rightly said by the author, after having our cell phones handy at every time which shows the time and date very accurately, we never felt the usage of wrist watches from the recent past. However I do have the wrist watch and I prefer to wear it the same on the right hand. By wearing it on the right hand , it shows our attitude to others that we are the positive thinker and for us time is the matter and wont waste it. Time is the essence of our life. And the right hand is the good hand which does all good works. Right from eating , writing and giving shake hands to others. we use the right hand. Then while wearing the watch, why should we place it on left hand. Some people may say that to give the key or set time wearing the watch on left hand would facilitate. But now a days the watches are automatic and does not require any meddling from us.
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    Yes I wear wrist watch on the left hand. After introducing mobile phone the use of wrist watch has been reduced but it has its own importance. We should wear wrist watch.
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    I wear a watch regularly on my left hand. Watch should be worn on the left hand only. Why because, left hand is a lazy hand and right hand is a busy hand that does all the works single handedly. It is easy to wear our watches on our left hand using the right hand, whereas it won't be that easy to wear a watch on our right hand by our left hand. As rightly said, it is easy to look at the time on our left hand while the right hand is busy in writing, eating, drinking, holding, working etc.

    It is easy to tilt your hand to know the time than lifting your mobile phone and set to see the time. Moreover, watch is an ornament that enhances the look, beauty and personality of the individual wearing a wrist-watch. Many prefer to wear watches with gold or silver chain than a strap.

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    Though the mobile phones does the wrist watch job, I don't find leaving of wrist watch aside is meaningless just like nowadays we do refer many websites in a day for getting daily news of the country but we have not left the reading of printed newspaper. So many of the population don't leave newspaper and wrist watches though they have a proper substance.

    As far as wearing of wrist watch to right hand or left hand, I don't think no such good or bad issues in wearing the wrist watch to a specific hand. It depends on the comfortness of the person wearing it. I wear it on my left hand only as most of the persons does.

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    I don't wear wrist watch and I am never comfortable wearing a watch. Once in a while if I wear a wrist watch I start feeling very uncomfortable and hence I will remove it and keep it my bag. Mobile phones will serve the purpose of wrist watch. But there are few people who are very crazy about the watches and would like to own fancy watches of various brand. Though people wear it in left hand mostly, these days people use even right hands for wearing the watch based on which hand they are comfortable with.

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    I always wore my watch on my right hand, despite the general norm to wear it on the left hand. I stopped wearing watches years ago because the ones that I had gradually stopped working. They were gifts from my parents, my brother and my husband. Surprisingly, I never owned a watch bought by myself! I recently started wearing a watch again, though only when I go out. It is my daughter's watch, and instead of letting it lie unused, I prefer to wear it. And yes, I still wear it on my right wrist. It is heavy, it is bulky and fits better on my right wrist.
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    From my childhood I am habituated to use wrist watch. When I was in my class VII, I saved about Rs.100/- in my bank. With that money I had gone to a nearby place where smuggled watches were available and purchased a wrist watch. My uncle accompanied me for this purchase. From the beginning. I got accustomed to have my wrist watch on my left hand only. Generally we use our right hand for doing all the works and use left hand very less. If we wear it on right hand,it will be inconvenient to hand while working. So I always prefer wearing it on left hand only. I can definitely feel that wearing watch on left hand will not give any negative feeling about us to the others.
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    I never felt comfortable wearing a wrist watch, it become easier for me since mobile phones have arrived. I have totally stopped using it unless there is some special occasion.

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    I wear wrist watch every day since my childhood and I feel uncomfortable without it. I wear it in my left hand because wearing it in right hand cause problem while writing or doing other work. I have a good collection of wrist watches (received as gifts) as my near and dear ones know about my love for it.

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