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    Those who learn other languages would certainly know the importance of mother tongue

    Nowadays it has become important and imperative to learn many languages as a requirement for survival and there is nothing wrong in that. Most of us who are not perfect in our own mother tongue are trying to learn other languages. In that process we also feel that we must learn our mother tongue first and then master over other language. Every one must master his mother tongue with good speaking ability, writing and reading, and that would facilitate to learn, read and write other languages of importance. What is your take on this ?
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    Yes Mr. K Mohan, you are right. Every one should know his mother tongue In many counties primary education is imparted in mother tongue only. We should learn our mother tongue before going to learn any other language.
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    Dear Sir Mohan,

    I naturally assume that learning a new languages isn't difficult. However, learning to speak and write other languages isn't difficult nor easy. Every detail for every sentence has a meaning. It maybe deep or not as long as it has significance. This will certainly take time to speak fluently and proficiently.

    It would be a mind blowingly brilliant idea if one starts to try, speak and write his/ her native language.

    Last but not least, I am inclined to agree with you as long as it has significance.

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    Knowing and practicing different languages is good. But what I am observing is in the pursuit of learning other languages, people are forgetting their mother language. Some people feel that speaking in their mother tongue may bring down their image. Actually language is for conveying information or knowledge from one person to another.In this action, the language which will be convenient for both will be a better option. Otherwise communication gaps will increase. I agree that first you learn your mother language and then others. My sincere request to the younger generation is not to undermine the mother tongue.
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    John whether it has significance or not learning about mother tongue is necessary and children should be appraised of it.
    K Mohan
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    Learning different languages is always good so that a person can survive if he goes to that particular region. But one should never forget to respect his mother tongue. One should always be proud to communicate in his mother tongue. These days I have seen many people who do not talk in their mother tongue just to show off that they are standard. Speaking in mother tongue does not make a person big or small. It's when we respect our language, others will respect it too and we should proudly speak in our language.

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    Mr. Mohan: In this connection I would like to ask a simple question. What would be the spoken language of a child whose father speaks Bengali and mother speaks Hindi. Will the child speak both languages equally fluently, or will he/she learn either Bengali or Hindi, or he/she would not learn any one of these two languages?
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    Mother tongue is something that we learn since our early childhood and by the time we grow up we find that we are already fluent in that language. So this is something which has been bestowed upon us, we have not done any special effort to have it.

    On the contrary when we have to learn a language after growing up, it appears to be a herculean task to learn it and become fluent in it. Then only we understand the value of our mother tongue as a language. We must honor and respect our mother tongue and try to learn it more thoughrouly.

    There are people who have to go to alien places in search of a job and they have to learn the language there to survive, they know how difficult to learn a new language. Then they realize that the new language is also someone's mother tongue.

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    If the father is Bengali, the child should learn that language first from day one and if the mother is Hindi speaking , the child can learn it during school days.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: Most probably you are talking just opposite. Every child first learn to speak from his/her mother. So, a child first learn the language which the mother speaks.
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    Yes Sir. Perfect learning of mother tongue for any person is required. I hope it is not a big deal to learn mother tongue. Need not put much efforts to be a master in mother tongue. But as the present generation of almost of all the language people, are giving priority to learn English first rather than their own mother tongue. Learning of other languages is must for any human in this present generation and there is no harm in it to learn but to ignore mother tongue is not good.

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    Some of students are learning third language.For this they are choosing German ,French or Japanese a third language. They do n't know the importance of mother tongue .They think it is not necessary to learn mother tongue.
    There is a craze to learn English or other languages.It should be necessary to teach mother language in school.

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