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    Let discuss: Mark system V/s grade system ( CBSE will introduce mark system from 2017 -18)

    CBSE decided to introduce mark system instead of grade system, which were prevailing 8 years ago. Now mark sheet will show 90% written examination and 10% of activities. There is a debate whether it would be better or its like to go 8 years back.
    Let discuss what's your opinion.
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    I do not understand the need to tamper with something that is running smoothly. Sixty plus years and we still do not have a proper education system in place or that is what it seems, with the constant meddling with the system.

    I, as a parent and someone who was in the teaching profession think that the education system that was practised when I was in school was the best. I am referring to the quarterly, half yearly and final examination pattern. These days children have small portions to study, and they do so just to secure good marks. With the final examinations being abolished the need to revise the entire year's syllabus is not there. I find this to be a reason for children not mastering the basics of a subject.

    The present system encourages mugging rather than understanding.

    CBSE has done well with reintroducing the marks systems. The grading system was flawed.

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    I don't hear any hiccups in present grading system of CBSE. Is there any news or any flaw found in the grading system?

    Anyhow in my opinion re-introduction of Marking system in examinations of CBSE would definitely create more competitiveness amongst the children as well as schools within CBSE. The same may lead to some chaos as 1/2 mark would also play a pivotal role in securing place in further studies and competitive examinations. Because of this marking system, education would definitely be on the commercial side only and it will pave a national highway in commercialisation. Whereas in grading sytem, A+ or A grading would be secured by some group of the children and they will not feel any discrimination amongst themseleves in intelligence. It would lead to form a team or group to carry out further studies together. But in marking system, if a child gets 1/2 mark higher than the other one who is also equivalent to him in intelligence wise, child who get 1/2 mark higher would not be ready to share his thoughts and actions with others.

    Therefore, I feel that grading system is better than marking system.

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    I am waiting to see some more opinions from members since it is a good topic for debate and a very serous topic. What would be beneficial for the students? Is it justified to experiments on student after every 5-7 years?
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    I don't understand the minds of these bureaucrats who are designing our education system. Mugging up and getting marks and getting ranks. Is it the need of hour. Already children are under tremendous pressure to get good grades and better ranks. However no body is offering seat completely on the basis of these marks or grades. Again they have to face entrance exam to get into next course. So half mark or one mark difference is not going to have any difference. When there is no problem in present grade system, why should be a change. The logic I am not able to understand.
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    Well after so much postmortem the grading system was introduced and now they are reverting back to mark system. By reverting mark system, the students and parents are put to much stress and tension. While in the grade system the nearest competitor in the class cannot be revealed and thus there was near tranquility and sublime attitude among the top students. Now with the mark system, the candidates are exposed between good, better, and average students and in fact some would be feeling shy to reveal lesser marks than previous total to the parents or even any one. I am totally against the mark system as it only escalate the tensions and between the competing students and even cause enmity. And now students would be starting mugging up such questions and answers are likely to be important and wants to score which is not good practice.
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    My only comment in this regard is that the so-called educationists are using the children as the guinea pigs. They are playing with the life of the children. These so-called educationists are doing all these to enjoy the grants and other perks from Governments (both Central Government and State Governments).
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