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    How confidential is our personal details in ISC.

    Whenever we get payment invoice to fill in ISC, it ask for complete full residence address and bank details. Obviously, bank details are needed if one has to get the payment. However, why it need residence full address? Can't payment be done without it?

    Why I am raising this thread because I would like to know how our personal residence address are kept in ISC. Does it shared with other people who are in administration? If yes, then how confidential it is for our safety? I know no one is here enemy here but if it misplaced or reach to a wrong person, one can not deny that it will not be misused.

    No offence I mean neither I am pin pointing or doubting our administration. It is just a simple question which came in mind.
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    Although I am not 100% sure, but I feel that our details are more or less safe ith ISC authorities. However, if any Government authority seeks details in respect of any individual Member, then ISC would be forced to share these details.

    This is my personal opinion. Of course, the Webmasters can provide the accurate picture in this regard.

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    Partha, I think bank details are enough to provide personal details to government authority if ever it needed or such circumstances arises.

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    Only the personal details of those members who receive payment are held with ISC. Such members need to fill their bank details with their correct name and account number and residential address and contact numbers. Residential addresses are used if ISC cannot pay their dues online to the concerned banks. Supposing, if a member has a bank account in a rural bank which cannot be accessed through online banking, ISC would send a cheque to the members residential address.

    I think, ISC maintains the confidentiality of the members personal details.

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    I feel there will not be any security problem in giving our residential address to ISC. Confidentiality will be maintained. We give our address at many places. There will not be any problem. But in some sites giving bank details which are not required is not safe. We should understand the implications completely and then only we should share our bank details.
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    Bank details at ISC remain safe and secure. Problem comes to bank accounts only if we provide the PIN or passwords. Think that you lost your bank pass book. If it reaches someone's hand, can it be used to play foul with our accounts? Impossible.

    One should always keep their cheque book, PIN, Passwords and signature under safe custody.

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    One must refrain from disclosing cofidential credentials no matter whosoever ask. I don't thinl ISC would need the residential address to send cheque or demand draft because ISC clearly stated that you should provide others account no incase you havn no bank account.

    We cannot share the details and must not share no matter what promises they made and how genuinely they ensure us to keep our information safe.

    We also live in a world which demands instant result and ISC should introduce a cashless transfer to mobile no UPI or Paytm without sharing our details.

    I have no idea, why webmaster is ignoring digital payments or cashless payment. These payments are simple, safe, and secure. May be he hasn't heard or lack knowledge.

    It's not safe to share account no, mobile no etc.

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    What I feel that the personal information provided by each member for getting payment are safe because we are going into the payment details link and then submitting the invoice which details cannot be viewed to others. Moreover every account holder is secure with sms alert from bank if any wrong transaction takes place and thus we are very well protected. By the way trouble makers wont be interested to hack the information from petty account holders like you and me. They would be interested to have wind fall and thus we need not worry at all about this mention.
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    Typically, only webmasters have access to the invoices and addresses mentioned in the invoice. However, we have occasionally shared the address of certain members with managing editor or other trusted people for some genuine purpose. For example, we have shared address of certain members with managing editor to send out a greeting card or 'Get well soon' card or a 'Thank you' card.

    We never share any personal information to third parties for commercial gains, even though it is a common practice followed by many big portals. Just giving away the email address itself can bring us a lot of money but ISC has never done it for money or for any other purpose (except for the genuine reasons mentioned above).

    Tony John
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    But Tony what I presume that once we type some words in the computer and registered in the internet, the secrecy has gone and it can be retrieved by hooligans bent upon wrong doings.
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    Thank you Tony Sir for your reply to this thread. I am sure Webmasters take utmost care for the concern of members privacy. However, I would like to have some points, Today is electronic day, everything is done by e-mailing, calling, sms, through different apps where we can send images, ISC still stuck in sending manual mail (even if special and genuine reason). Where in ISC, little praising words as reply from Webmaster or ME, create so good feeling, I find it little tough why ISC will go through such lengthy process to send "Get well soon card" or "Thank you" card to members residence address.

    My question is not answered, I did ask that Can't the payment possible without providing residence address when we are already providing Bank details?

    I would like to request to Webmaster that in future I would not like to receive any kind of greeting card in my residence address. I have no problem if my details are provided to Government authority for any genuine reason but apart from that I would request to webmaster that my details should not be shared by any one even to the trusted people.

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    It is technically possible to send payments without asking for address. But ISC has come up with the policy to ask for the residential address of the person before we send out any payment as part of our KYC policy.

    We are not planning to change these policies at this time. The details provided as part of invoice is accessible to the admin. The definition of "admin" changes from time to time. Also, many staff members who are doing data entry work or banking tasks will have access to it. What we assure is that, we will not "abuse" the data we collect.

    Tony John
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    John Deo,

    >> I have no idea, why webmaster is ignoring digital payments or cashless payment. These payments are simple, safe, and secure. May be he hasn't heard or lack knowledge.

    What ISC is doing is digital transaction.

    >> It's not safe to share account no, mobile no etc.
    Sorry, we do not pay anyone without getting all these details. However, it is not mandatory to receive payments from us. You can choose not to send us the invoice and thus not to share any of these details.

    It is our policy that we will collect address, phone number, email address and bank details before we can pay anyone. We have no plans to change our policies.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thank you so much Tony Sir.

    Editor may please lock this thread as my query is over now.

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    I do agree that ISC shares the personal details of members with the Managing Editor only if essential to meet an emergency situation as said by our Web Master Tony John. I remember, when I sent a prank message on the First of April 2014 and remained silent for four days without posting messages and responses, our honourable, respectful and caring Managing Editor worried about the real state of the member, and she took pain to get my Landline number from the ISC Web Master to contact me to confirm whether I was present at my home on this good earth or away in the heaven. She succeeded in contacting me on 4th April and was happy to know my presence on this good earth. Since then I have great respect to our dear Managing Editor.

    This is an example how and when the personal detail of a member is shared.

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