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    Is Parle Appy Fizz a safe product?

    With the early onset of summer in Delhi, the demand for cold drinks has been increasing steadily. In my home, my teen-age daughter has started taking cold drinks. To avoid consumption of cold drinks, I am purchasing Parle Appy Fizz mainly for my daughter, but also for the guests and ourselves (my wife and myself).

    But my wife has started objecting to consumption of Appy Fizz. She has been receiving alerts from Whatsapp stating that Appy Fizz is not good for health (astonishingly Whatsapp doesn't send any message against consumption of Coke or Pepsi!). I personally prefer Appy Fizz over cold drinks because of its taste and whiskey-like colour. I haven't heard anything against Parle Appy Fizz til now.

    I believe that this is nothing but a campaign against Parle Appy Fizz by the Coke or Pepsi companies. Just now I have checked the Internet but haven't found any reliable material in this regard. So, I seek the opinion of other Members. Is Parle Appy Fizz a safe product?
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    Very recently, on 31 Mar, I happened to visit a mall in Bengaluru. While moving through the places where the soft drinks are kept, the Parle Appy Fizz bottles attracted my eyes by its look and size. And I took one and brought home. I really enjoyed the taste of the Fizz that I felt like consuming sweet Beer. My daughter too liked it and commented its excellent taste. Now I have planned to drop all other soft drinks and go for only Parle Appy Fizz. I don't find anything wrong with the Fizz drink.
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    I would be concerned about its high sugar content and preservatives and other added chemicals. It should be fine to have once in a way, but regular consumption of any bottled soft drink cannot be healthy. I think your wife is correct in objecting.

    If you prefer fizzy drinks why not make a lemon or orange concentrate (squash) at home, using fresh fruits and serve it with chilled soda, instead of water. You will at least benefit from the real fruit extract.

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    Indians are mainly a high brand followers and a company like Parle comes with Appy Fizz as a new carbonated drink surely it is aimed at capturing the lost market of cool drinks in Tamil Nadu and other places. And more over over when the word Appy is used, people think that that Fizz got apple juice content which is liked by young ones and elders. One thing is sure India is known for test marketing and any new product is always welcomed with open arms and the when the launch is in time , then they can find hit in the market. Now a days people are liking good packing too and Appy Fizz beats the rest.
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    Though appy fizz is good comapred to other soft drinks, it still contains chemicals and preservatives. Even if you go for a ready made packed fruit juice available in stores, they are not healthy as they will have preservatives added to it. Drinking appy fizz or any juice once in a while would be fine but not regularly. Best alternative for these juice will be drinking lime juice made at home. Or drinking buttermilk. You can prepare it and keep it in the refrigerator and drink when ever required. You can prepare fresh fruit juice at home with ice cubes or little cold water added to it. Best is to avoid readymade juice available in the market.

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