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    What is poor in my cheque thread? Why the quality is considered poor?

    With reference to this thread which has been considered as poor quality and kept away.

    I wish to know why this thread is treated as poor quality? Is it wrong to discuss/know about the handling of bank cheques? My thread is to know about the crossing of bank cheques.

    Can the concerned editor explain the reason for it?
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    Your thread has been moved to Ask Expert section. Here is the link to your Question

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    If that was the right action by ISC, why should the remark read as poor quality thread. Is it right for ISC to post such comments against a genuine thread from a senior and sincere member of ISC? Is it not ISC duty bound to inform me about the shift to Ask Expert and alert me instead of making me to feel bad and worry?
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    Mr. Sun: The Editors can make any comment while deleting your thread. It is your responsibility not to get hurt. If you get hurt and express it, negative points await you.

    [P.S.: I know that this response has a fair chance of attracting the wrath of any all-powerful Editor.]

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Sun, the text you refer is default reason when a thread is simply deleted without reason. Nobody has given you the reason of deleting. It's system message. Not only to forum section, it applies to all sections in ISC. Your thread is live in Ask Experts section. While shifting the thread, there created a duplicate deleted in the section of ISC. This happens rarely due to technical glitch. You should have been informed about the Shifting of your thread. Sorry for not informing! Hope you understand now!

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    Thanks for your response. The thread made me to feel worried temporarily for a while until John posted his response that the thread was alive in AE which I never expected.

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