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    Do images not resize automatically to 800 pixels?

    Is the 'Resize image to 800 pixels' available on ISC not functioning? One of my articles has been pushed into pending twice because the images apparently were too large. How is that possible when I used the tool available on ISC to resize the images, at the time of submitting the article? In fact, 'Resize image to 800 pixels' is a default setting – so, is it not functioning?

    Also, the first time my article came back I resized the image using the edit button and resubmitted it. It was put into pending with a message that said something to this effect –

    • Has the image been resized?
    • It still appears large.
    • Can it be confirmed through the message box whether the image has been resized?

    Was all of this necessary? Can it not be done at the editing level? Is the resize tool not working?
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    Can you please give me the URL of the said article? I will take a look. There are certain scenarios where the images will not be resized even if you specify a size. However, when displayed the site, the images should be automatically adjusted while displaying in the site.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thank you for responding. Please note that I did resize the images since the article was placed into pending on two occasions. One image became real tiny, so I had to repost it. Here is the URL -

    Health benefits of Flax Seeds

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    That looks like a mistake from the editor. Even if the image is too big (beyond 800px), editors cannot easily figure out that since the image will be automatically resized to fit the page. The article is now in approved status.
    Tony John
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    Thank you. I am really pleased to see your response that accepts that it was an editor's mistake. It restores my faith in ISC. Thanks again.
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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