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    Does a zero point nil cc post/answer/article worth to be continued to be displayed in ISC pages

    This is my real doubt. There is no intention to find fault with anyone at all.

    Recently I had posted an answer in Ask Experts section. The answer was about 300 words or so. When I revisited that answer, I found that the answer is given zero pints and no cash credit.
    That implies that the answer is not worth points and cash credit. It is of poor quality.
    (Here I do not want to go in dispute or question the judgement of ISC in rating the quality of the answer. Let it be so)

    But my real doubt is, is that poor quality answer worth to be continued to be displayed there? Why can't it be just deleted for reason- poor quality? What is the use of it for ISC and the member? As it is zero point, the member will not get the benefit of any adsense share also. Even without that answer, ISC will get its ad sense revenue if the visit to the page is good.

    A month or two ago one of my answers got just one rupee, as cash credit. Then I sent a PM and requested deletion of the answer rather than keeping it there which I feel was a sort of humiliation to me. But my request was attended in other way- it was granted more cash credit that even I judged it.

    My request and suggestion is, please do not keep a zero point zero cc answer or post in any section. Please delete such posts, even if it is from long time members. That way quality in ISC can be maintained or even bettered.
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    I am sure this will turn out to be another error of the cursor. The editor would have actually allotted decent points and cash credits to your response, but the cursor would have jumped, making the value to jump to zilch.
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    @Venkiteswaran: Can you post here the link to that AE question where you are awarded with a zero point.

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    @Suman Sahu, (#594825) ;I give the link as required:

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    @Venkiteswaran, I would request you to wait for sometime till we come out with an answer. We are having an internal discussion whether it is a system glitch or something else. Please be rest assured to get an answer from us shortly.

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    Dear Editor,
    Please review the answer for question "How MAB is calculated by SBI?". I do have the same issue.
    Thanks for your understanding.

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    John Deo: Please post the link to the question you have an issue with.

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    @Venki: The problem has been resolved from our side. Please check out the points and cc that has been given to the answer that you mentioned here.

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    Thanks, Suman Sahu, for resolving the issue.

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