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    DO we had religious feeling before Independence?

    I have read many articles on internet also on books that so many people ( Hindu and Muslim) were fighting together against Britishers, but now days they are fighting with each other. What is the actual reason behind it? Is it the mistake both of them, or some third person creating confusion among those community.
    Is their any permanent solution to avoid communal riots?
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    Time and again we have proved to the world that we are all united when it comes to our country. No matter which religion we are belong to we all fought together. It has happened since years and it will be happening in future too. It is not correct to say that both Hindu and Muslim are fighting to each other. I feel no one would want riot or fight whether it is Hindu or Muslim. The problem comes when someone third party comes and spark the good relationship in to fight. Our only mistakes is that we believe more to other third party than our own selves. whenever there is riot it all happen because of politics and nothing else.

    Sooner we realise this, the better is for our society.

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    The communal feelings are because of the government policies. As Indians we are all unite and we proved that we are one when a problem comes to the Nation. General public will never quarrel with other community people unnecessarily. The real problem started with political parties only. They want votes. To get votes they brought religion into picture. Minorities concept has been brought by them only. This a gimmick by them to get votes. Then reservations concept has been brought by them only. These issues only are creating inter communal problems. 3rd party effect has become more. But these actual things are not understood by the public. Public awareness is less. so problems are increasing. If the voters can realize the real issues it will good for us, Indians.
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    If there was no feeling for religion, then how India and Pakistan were created? How all that happened is history.

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    Well before Independence the population of India was very less and the awareness of Presence of Hindu and Muslims population was also not known. Only after partition there was a clear divide between Hindu and Muslims and though we claim that we are peace loving nation with Hindu Muslim bhai bhai attitude, seldom we find such cozy atmosphere. Moreover with greater touch of the public in the social media the Hindu and Muslim cult has been changed and they bent upon supporting each sect and this further divide has been ensured . Nevertheless those who were witness to partition and before still live in unison.
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    Nice question is asked and every student and person should know the answer of this question. The first freedom struggle of India in 1857 was a huge disappointment for British which shook the base of British in India. In 1857 struggle, Hindu and Muslim fought together. After this revolution British came to know if they want to rule India more decades they should break the Hindu Muslim unity. After 1857 they make such policies which harmed Hindu Muslim unity like divide and rule, re organization of army, Bengal partition etc. They sown the seed and now we are reaping the crops. Our political system is also responsible for this situation.
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