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    Can a Photographer snap your pic without moving you!

    Generally, we go to photo studios when photographer snap your pic he will tell several adjustments where you sit or stand to take your picture. But what I am thinking is there anybody who experience as you sit and take an immediate snap of your picture without moving you for light adjustments or for anything else. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    A real and professional photographer is one who can take nice snaps without disturbing the character and yet take from great angles even to the astonishment of the person it was shot. Professional photographers wont even touch , who are taking the snaps and thus it is the great art not every is accustomed with. I have seen one photographer at a marriage function, where he simply lifted his two hands above the head and clicked the shots at his will and to everyone's surprise, the moments , the expressions of characters was captured wonderfully awesome and the photographer need to be complemented.
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    What you asking for is portrait photographs. There are type of portrait photographs too. Like Still photography is one of branch for it in which object has to be constant. Going back to your topic , yes it is very much possible to snap your pic without moving you. For that lot of photographers provide instruction sheet prior moving to photo shoot.
    Most of studios camera, lights adjustments are already made.
    But human nature is we don't read all instructions and simply get ready for photo. It is photographer duty to tell what you missed. E.g. Passport photos don't need smile with teeth visible, eyes open etc. if you don't follow this then photographer will prompt. This is situation of indoor shooting.
    For outdoor shooting, only random portrait photos don't need any modification in object or human emotions. e.g. portrait of villagers, popular and great leaders, wedding events , wedding event guests etc. But during wedding , home ceremony like hose warming, baby shower everyone want different pose photos so technically photographer has to tell different poses they can do.

    Light is most important part of photo. 99% photographers will carry flash camera or extra light reflectors. But in some cases adverse situations if camera flash don't help then photographers ask for adjustment like getting into place where is sun is from front side or light drops on face etc.

    Eventually no photographer wants person to make movements for any reason. And yes photographer can take photos without moving you.

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