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    What will be the weight of laptop if?

    Well, this is a little tricky question to be answered. What will be the weight of your laptop if you put your files on it? Will it get heavier or will be the same as it was earlier?
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    Common Sujish you are joking. Are you sensing laptop as the weighing scale which you would like to know the exact weight of its own and fully when the files are loaded. By the way laptops are of different sizes and each vary according to the choice and brands of the customers preference. The meaning of the laptop itself clarifies that it must fit on our lap and it should not weigh more. May be one or two kgs. Certainly people would prefer light weight laptops and not heavy weight. As we are habituated to keep the new born baby on our lap, the same weight can be felt keeping the laptop on our lap. By the way I am not comfortable with the usage of laptop. I am habituated to hard keys of desk top computer and in laptop the keys are very soft and even small touch the keys run fast and spell mistakes do happen.
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    You should specify which file you are placing. If it's computer files then there won't be any change in its weight. If it's physically appearing paper files then definitely weight will be added. I can't see whats tricky in this question.

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    Should I consider your question as "Think out of box", Or "Mind numbingly stupid question?"

    a. How can you drop an row egg onto a concrete floor witout breaking it?
    Answer: Concrete floor are very hard to break.

    b. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?
    Answer: That's not a problem, since you'll never find an elephant with one hand.

    Mind Numbingly Stupid.

    1. What will be the weight of the laptop if you put files on it?
    Remember, you said files on it?
    1. Answer: The same wieght, since you will never put files on it.

    2. Answer: Energy has mass. And mass cannot change.

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    Well, I got this question from QRT (Quick Reaction Team) that's channel on YouTube, and it is quite popular. So, I thought to ask it here to know what your opinion is and what your reaction would be because even I had got the same answer in my mind as Cijo did. I did not get a satisfied answer from the peoples' opinion on YouTube, so I asked it here to clear my doubt.

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    Your question is "What will be the weight of your laptop if you put your files on it?
    Please note that it is mentioned "on it" and not "over it". This clearly means that the question is asking about computer file and not physically cardboard paper file.
    So, my answer is the weight will remain the same. You can put as many as computer file "on your laptop" as long as the laptop memory allowed.

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    If you put the files on top of the laptop or over the laptop, the weight will increase as per the weight of the files. But if you put the files in the laptop, it won't make any difference. The weight remains the same.

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