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    Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

    The majority of people in India are great foodies, or rather they are very much addicted to one particular food. But, when it comes to food categories like veg and non-veg which among them is said to be the tastiest food of all? Well, veg people would favor veg dishes to be the tastiest, and the non-veg people would prefer non-veg dishes. So, I need an answer from those individuals who eat both veg and non-veg food. In fact, I need a general do so without favoring any of the dishes of any of these two categories mentioned.
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    In India we have good food and good eaters in Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian tastes. Some people taste vegetarian in the morning and eat non vegetarian in the evening. Some are pure vegetarian like me and some are pure non vegetarian for whom they have to taste new kind of foods. Surely if one pursues the vegetarian way of living , the cost of making it would be less, tasty and above all good for health. Non veg foods are costly, time consuming and it even hinders the privy of others due to its smell and many wont like it and above all non veg food eaters are affected with health problems sooner or later. One thing is sure being a pure vegetarian, I am enjoying my life with different kind of dishes and eat them without fear or side effects in long run. But a non vegetarian eater has to pause and awe his taste buds now and then fearing back lash of health problem the very next day.
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    I am definitely a non vegetarian and I can't imagine a day without having some small non veg dish along with my meals. It's true that consumption of vegetables do improve our health and therefore it should also be consumed in required quantity. So I do eat both but prefer non vegetarian side dishes most.

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    I come under both categories. But in my opinion vegetarian food is very healthy to human as it is a natural food though filled with chemicals and carbides. Nowadays getting organic veggies is seldom and even than with full of carbides also vegetarian food gives more health than the non-veg. But as Mr. Mohan said vegetarian food is not an economy food. Some kind of vegetables are more costlier than non-veg items.

    All kinds of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins are available with vegetarian food. Some people vote to have non-veg to get certain kind of carbohydrates but the same amount of carbohydrates we do get in veg food also but the quantity may differ.

    So my vote goes to Vegetarian food only.

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    There many tasted dishes in both category veg and non veg. I am a non vegetarian. But I like both the dishes as per needs. In general I like dishes made up of chicken and eggs in non vegetarian category. In vegetarian category I like dishes made up of lady's finger, brinjal and spinach.
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    I am both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, in non-veg I eat chicken, fish and egg. Lately, I am slowly stopping eating non-veg and now stop it to only egg. I don't like to eat outside chicken or Fish, I only prefer when it made it at home. However, I would always prefer veg food if I need to compare the taste.

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    The main food is only vegetarian. I mean, the rice, the roti, the daal, the bread etc are purely vegetarian. What we are talking as Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian are the side dishes. We cannot eat vegetable alone or chicken alone. What is important in a dish is the ingredients (masala) added with the vegetable or meat items. So, according to me, both vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes are good and are preferred by me. It is like my two eyes. The week is divided into two parts with 3 days as veg and 4 days as non-veg. Monday, Tuesday and Friday as vegetarian day, and the rest days as Non-veg days.
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