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    Which is your favourite Television programme and why?

    Indian television has a huge slot of several shows to be telecasted every day. So the question is very direct as to which is your favorite television show and why? Does any of the shows that you watch has a similarity with your life? Do watching them daily brought any changes in your life?
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    Off late I have been watching Chandra Nandini on Star plus which is the story about Chandra Gupta Mourya, how he suffered in the young age, how his mother Mura was tortured by Parmanand and how Chanakya helps Chandra to take revenge against the Parmanand and how he gets close to Nandini are unfolded in a very and understandable way. While we read the story in the books and when it comes with visual representation of high order the interest sustains. What I liked most is the character of Nandini, how she is miss understood time and again by Chandra and yet both love each other but wont express face to face. Though the story has no relation to my life nor it can seek any moment in my life, what I liked is the challenging situations persons faced in those days when they cannot prove their innocence.
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    Mine was Comedy Circus and I used to watch it everyday. Krishna and Sudesh were my favorite team. Their team spirit and spontaneous throwing of jokes had drived many viewers attention.

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    I personally like Music based programmes like Indian Idol, Saregamapa, Dance based programmes and Comedy based programmes. Nowadays irrespective of national or regional channels, maximum air time is being consumed with these shows only during prime time after the daily serials.

    We cannot correlate or match any Television programme with our life. Of course certain regional channels airing some programmes related to family disputes may match with certain kind of audience and they may get any point of solution when they correlate with that. Otherwise maximum no. of people may not match their daily life with television programmes.

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    The Kapil Sharma show is my favorite television programme. IT is telecast on the weekend and there is a lot of comedy which make me fresh after the hard work of the week. There are a lot of comedian which perform very well to make us laugh, which the toughest work in the world. I also like CID since this programme make us to think some thing which is the best exercise of brain.
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    I watch TV for a very limited time only. I always prefer music based programmes to watch on TV. In Telugu Channels ETV is giving a very good programme called Paduta teeyaga. The famous singer sri S.P.Balu is the host for this. This programme has introduced many new singers to Tollywood.

    The way in which the show is conducted is very impressive. How the host educates the participants about their goods and bads and how he guides them is worth watching. He entertains the public also with lot of humor. A worth watching show.

    Another one I like to watch is Live cricket matches.

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