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    Why should we foot the bill?

    Arun Jaitley was the President of DDCA from 1999 to 2013. He was the President of the Cricket Association in his personal capacity. A resident of Delhi named Mr. Arvind Kejriwal made some allegedly intemperate comments on the former DDCA President, Mr. Jaitley, in 2015. Mr. Jaitley filed a defamation case in his personal capacity against the said person, i.e., Mr. Kejriwal.

    The defamation case (Arun Jaitley Vs. Arvind Kejriwal & Othrs.) is presently being heard by the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi. Mr. Kejriwal appointed Mr. Ram Jethmalani as his counsel in this case. Now Mr. Jethmalani has sumitted a bill of Rs. 3.42 crores (Rs. 1 crores as retainer+Rs. 11 lakh per hearing for 22 hearings) to Mr. Kejriwal.

    Now Mr. Kejriwal happens to be the Chief Minister of Delhi. He is trying to make the tax-payers of Delhi to foot the bill of Rs. 3.42 crores. Now, my question is: Why should we, the tax-payers of Delhi, foot the personal expenditure of Mr. Kejriwal? Did he make the alleged intemperate comment against Mr. Jaitley consulting us? Isn't he fighting the defamation case in his personal capacity?
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    Partha there is a difference between you and me and a elected politician like Kejriwal. He might have uttered non sense when he was ordinary person. But now he is the CM of Delhi and the hearing is going on. Being the head of the government the good and bad deeds are taken care of exchequer. So in this matter also Arvind Kejriwal has the right to use public money and foot the bill as lawyers fees and court fees. That is what politics about. We have seen many number of politicians availing out of country medical facilities as soon as they become Ministers or having big position in politics. They have also wasted our tax paid money. See every wrong doing of the government is closely watched and accounted for by Public Accounts committee in which the opposition leader would the chief. So No one will allow Kejriwal to go scott free. If not today in future all his wrong doings will be recovered.
    K Mohan
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    Even though Mr. Kejriwal made allegations at his personal level, now he would justify it to become a Chief Minister of particular state, he made such allegations and people have accepted him as CM. Hence whatever he does is right as per the mandate of the voters. He would not have made any allegations, if he was not in political fight.

    Hence automatically every crooked things done by the politicians had to be burdened by us only. This is what our democracy.

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    Mr. Mohan and Mr. GeeKay: Most probably you have not followed the case. The defamation case is between Mr. Arun Jaitley and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Mr. Jaitley has gone for litigation on his own expense, not on behalf of Union of India. Similarly, Mr. Kejriwal (and not Govt. of Delhi) is the respondent. When Govt. of Delhi is not a party to the case, why should we, the residents of Delhi, bear the expenses?
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    As per rule, the personal expenses of anybody should not be born by the government. So it is not justified that the expenses of this case can't be from public money. All MPs .MLAs and ministers are being paid heavily in the form of salaries Now they have to work for the salaries they are getting. It is not a service. So there is no point in making payment by government As far as my knowledge goes if it is a government case, Public Prosecutor has to represent.
    Why a separate lawyer.
    If there is any fraud let BCCI file a case against Mr. Arun and BCCI will born all the expenses.

    always confident

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    Even though Kejriwal was gone in to this case as Individual and not related to government, his position and powers allow him to use the tax payers money for litigation purpose. For any action of a top politician at the helm of affairs the government is accountable. In fact we can relate the government progress record advertisements released by Kejriwal is also questionable then. When that can be accepted as the genuine expenses on performance cards, then why not expenses relating to his name and fame in the court of law ?. This may be the reason.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is an extremely personal case of Kejriwal not connected to the government. Why should a government hire a private lawyer (Ram Jethmalini) to fight the case while there are government lawyers, government pleaders and public prosecutors are held with the government in the courts. Kejriwal should be made to pay this sum from his own pocket, not from the tax payers pocket. People of Delhi should teach this great erring Chief Minister who misuses the government fund for his own expenses.
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    I read news on this recently that Jethmalani told that he is waived off the fees and also I read critics, he has done it not because of AK but because of BJP (vengeance). As it is regional newspaper author may clarify in this and I support author that it should not be taken from government as it is tax payers money.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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