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    Do you think free products are given for 'free'?

    Most of the times, to attract customers, the companies provide several offers on their selling products. Giving away products for free of cost while you pay for an individual product has been a very trending offer as always. But, do you think that a product will be given for free to the customers? When you are doing business, it is never said to run at a loss. So do you think these free offers are just a marketing trick to attract customers? If so, how do the business doing people get profit for the product they have given for free? If they are making the customers fool, how are they doing it? Anyone who knows the business trick or having any idea about it, please share your answer. At least people would come to know the reality behind it.
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    There is one reason to give free products because some products are in old stock and not moving faster, so giving free with some products attract to sale your products and at the same time you are clearing the old stock too. This is normal trick to sale the products. If an old stocks which help to get sale faster to your current products, why not to use it. However, not always the free products are "free", the marketing people already discuss the prising and then they provide free scheme.

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    When a product is introduced into the market for the first time lot of advertisement is required to get the market share. For this there are many strategies. Introductory offers will be coming. This is for sales promotion only.
    Old stocks are cleared by discount sales generally. Another way they clear it is buy two get one free scheme. They will sell a pack of three. 2 will be new stock and third one will be old stock. If all the three are from old stock the customer may not come back for next purchase.
    All the expenses they are incurring will be added into the cost once regular market started. Last month I was travelling to New Delhi from Hyderabad airport. In the airport Sensodyne paste sample pack were being given to travelers. I got one. It is a fresh stock and quite good. After that I started using that paste.

    So free samples are for sales promotion only.

    always confident

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    No I don't think so. Some time to launch products, it is possible for free supply as advertisement or some times to reduce old stock. remember, nothing is free in the world.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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