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    My work and your work!

    Yesterday two of my articles were placed into pending, for different reasons. One issue was regarding the size of the images and stands resolved. The other article was also put into pending, twice, in quick succession, for two different reasons. The first reason stated a better SEO title and the second was about a link leading to a blank page.

    Regarding the first issue - I felt the editor was right and changed the title as asked. I added a request in the message box for the editor to change the URL accordingly. Someone who understood the need for a good SEO title would not have needed a reminder and would have changed it automatically, without my asking. However, despite my request, the URL has not been changed. It would be nice to exhibit the same diligence that is expected of members. Here is a link to my article - Smart go-green and eco-friendly projects for Chennai kids.

    I have had my articles placed in pending before, for links not opening. It has always been a server problem that got resolved subsequently. Also, I always manually check each link, so the chance of an incorrect link is almost zilch. I know the editors are doing their job in not allowing bad links. Fair enough. But why is not everyone's work scrutinised with the same thoroughness?

    Regarding the title – Please check the title of this article. It was a contest entry, which was recently republished by the author. I do not want to elaborate on the number of times this article must have gone through the gaze of editors but did the error in the title really not catch their eyes?

    Bad links – I am submitting links to articles submitted for the same contest which I would think are bad links. One might wonder how I homed into these articles, the answer is simple – these errors have been present from the time the articles were published, last year. I have always been aware of them.

    1. One link opens to error 404
    2. One link page not found
    3. Two internal links that take you to the same page
    4. Two external links that take you to the same page
    5. Two external links open to the same page
    6. Error – internal link doesn't open
    7. Two links in two consecutive paragraphs, to the same internal page

    This is not a personal dig at anyone. I am just trying to point the inaccuracies as I see them. I get the impression that if the article is written by an editor then fellow editors do not follow the laid down rules for checking the same, for inconsistencies. I hope this changes soon.
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    Juana, your point has been forwarded to the editors concerned. Please wait for a response.
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    When we change the URL of an article, the old URL will still work. So, it is possible that you were still looking at the old URL even after the editor corrected it. Both of the below URLs will still work:

    The second URL is the corrected URL.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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