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    My observation: Innovative use of mobile phone

    Mobile phone has become a part and parcel of almost all people of the metro cities in India. Especially the younger generation can't remain without mobile phone. they also use it very innovative manner! Due to my keen observation(!), I have noticed that young girls and women use it in many different ways. Read on....

    I regularly use public transport in Delhi. However, due to my age (I will score half-century in another seven months) and as my office is located near my residence, I can afford to be choosy. So, I travel in almost empty buses. In those buses, I regularly observe that young ladies (both college-going and office-going) use mobile phone as a substitute of mirror. Today morning, in an almost empty bus, I observed two ladies were checking their faces, make-up, etc. for more than 15 minutes in their mobile phones. I had to appreciate their innovative idea of using mobile phone as mirror.

    Do the ladies of other cities use mobile phones as mirrors? Who knows.....!
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    One mobile phones and so many uses. In fact we can use it many innovative ways if we use it properly. Often I use it like a magnifying glass to read such small words which are not visible properly through our eyes. I have narrated in my This Thread as how I did it. It is interesting to know various use of mobile phones.

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    As initially told by Reliance, if you have a cellphone in your hand, the whole world is in your hand. You can do all works from it.

    Generally we all use cellphones for alarms to get up from sleep. In our house we have two over head water tanks. One is for drinking water and another one is for water for other uses. Everyday we put on the motor and we forget to switch off. Only after hearing the water falling sound only we go and stop it. So water is getting wasted. My wife started putting alarm in the cell phone. She is having an idea of how much time it takes for getting filled. So she started putting alarm at that time and now she stops the motor well before water over flows. Saving water and also power.

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    Yes I have also seen many a times that cell phone glass cover as been used as the mirror and in fact front camera phones are also used as the mirror to get set their looks. One more thing I observed that if the fellow lady passenger is not fiddling with phone, the other passenger would let one ear phone so that both can listen the songs beings played in the mobile. So how best one uses the mobile will certainly depend on their awareness and necessity. And the way Dr Rao's wife taking the help of alarm to know whether the water tank got filled is something new and has to be appreciated.

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    Yes I have also see some ladies in bus to do so. They use mobile phones as a mirror.
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