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    I have not received invoice for February payments.

    The cash awards for the month of February were announced. In the list my name was also there. But this is not reflecting in my gifts and awards. How should I raise invoice. Already I have raised an invoice last month for old dues. That payment can I get this month. Can you please detail me.
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    Mr, Rao,
    As on date, your total ISC earning is Rs. 667 only. Out of which you have already been issued an invoice (the initial payment) for Rs. 300/-. which you must have already claimed and settled. As of now, your current balance is only Rs. 367/-. I don't think you are eligible for February Payment. The minimum payout would be Rs. 600/- whereas you are short by Rs. 233/-. Hope you have misunderstood.

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    From your profile page of earning I could gauge that you have already availed first payment of rupees three hundred and rupees 367 is pending in your account and for that minimum threshold of 600 has to be achieved. And for the raised invoice please check your bank account for having credited.
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    I have raised an invoice for the payment due in Nov.2010. Excluding that, I have Rs.667/. But I have not received money for my earlier invoice also. So far I have not received even a single rupee from ISC. Please look into it.
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    Dr Rao, your complaint has been taken up with the admin. Please wait for them to check it up as the same is quite an old issue and may take some time. Can you give the invoice numbers for which a payment has been announced? And, hope you have checked with your banker too?
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    Mr. Saji, Thank you for your reply. The invoice no is: Invoice No. / Ref No: ISC-10928. Excluding this Rs.300/- I have Rs.667'- as per your calculations. Am I not eligible for payments for March from this. Please look into it.
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    Rs. 667 is your total earning in ISC so far. So, it is not right to assume and/or state that it is an amount excluding the sum you have claimed for through an invoice. Members Sun and Mohan have already clarified the same. The balance in your kitty, after the invoice is raised is Rs.337. Only for the first payment to a member is for an amount totalling Rs.300 or more. Subsequent payments are made only if the amount in the member's account is Rs.600 or more.
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    Dr. Rao,
    Your Awards and Gifts page is the sole authority that can tell us your entire earnings and the amount paid to you. It is very clear from your page that your total earning so far is Rs. 667 only. You have been authorised a payment of Rs. 300 as initial payment in the year 2010 which you should have claimed. If not claimed, it remains there. It will not be added to your latest sum if you have not filled the invoice and got it. I am sure, WM Timmy M John will sort out your problem. You will not lose a single penny. ISC is very transparent with regard to payment.

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    Ms.Juana, I got confused. I thought once you announce a payment, that amount will be deducted and will not show in payments. However now you have clarified, I am happy. Please arrange for my first payment. Sorry for the trouble.
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    Mr. Rao,
    I have viewed your second thread on the same subject wherein you have attached your invoice details. I sincerely advice you not to attache such information in the forum. Your good invoice reveals everything about your Bank account, original name, ISC user ID and the secret PIN. Kindly delete the attachement from your insecure thread.

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    I believe the doubts have been clarified through responses from senior members above. Your current balance is only Rs 337 and your name was not included in last months payment announcement since your current balance hasn't reached the payout level.
    Tony John
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