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    You must have guts to face the criticism or even rejection when competing reality shows

    When ever we are watching the audition for any reality show, the participants from across the country do give their best and compete with challenges in their mind. But seldom they adjust to the fact that every one cannot be selected and one must be to the expectations of the judges there. No matter according to the candidate the best has been delivered, but for judges they have some mind calculations and wont select every one they distill during the process. We often find candidates breaking down in front of cameras as if there is end for such opportunities.
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    Mr. Mohan, what I feel here is,the breaking down of the candidates is not because of the criticism. It is a emotion at that moment. Definitely they will take the points of judge and try to improve in their future competitions. When somebody fails in an examination, they will also break down because they failed. Somebody feeling ,that they broke down thinking the examiner has not valued the paper correctly, is not correct. Same is the case here also. They spend lot of time and lot of energy thinking that they will get prizes. When they hear in the other way, they may get dejected for a while and weep. It is not that they don't have guts to face the criticism. This is how I take the situation.
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    When they are 10 competitors and only two can be winner or runner , then remaining 8 should be ready to face the rejection with riders.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sometimes I feel there is some interest to criticise and bring tears from the failed participants. Many channels show the sullen face and tears of the losers and provoke by saying provoking comments also. They idulge in exaggerating the feelings of the losers.
    All they could have done is simply announcing the winners and giving the consolation prizes to the losing participants.

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    What judges are doing is for TRP, they say or do more than what it required. Crying in failure is just a human emotions. We have seen even the great cricketers crying when they failed in 2007 world cup or when they lost to the semifinal in 1996 against Srilanka. In tennis too we have seen some of the greatest player crying on losing a game or crying on wining a game. I don't think it is something big issue. One can only learn by his/her mistakes and have to take positively on such stage.

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