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    Which is better - studying alone or in group?

    Some parents feel that their children should study alone as studying in group will not be beneficial for them. On the other hand some students believe that group study will be advantageous to them as they will be learning from each other.

    What is your opinion - which is better whether studying in group or alone.
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    I am of the opinion that serious studying and grasping the things can only be possible when it is done alone and not through group studies. In group studies there would be lots of distractions, unwanted talking , discussion on other subjects of no value, and ultimately wasting time. Now a days every student has the cell phone and would certainly meddle with the phone during group discussion and thus so many productive hours for studying is lost. When the student is preparing alone and under the care of parents, it is rest assured that the child is in right direction of preparing for exam with no interference of what so ever possible. I have seen students in the name of group studies have even gone to movies and the parents were thinking that their wards are doing over studies and get tired. So I am totally against the group studies which does not have the control of respective students by their parents.
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    In my opinion both are the important part of education. Sometimes you need to study alone but sometimes it is important to study in group. Both types of study have some benefits and some disadvantage. Group study is beneficial to you if you are active and take it seriously. Sometimes students do not take it seriously.
    Parents should also encourage both type of study since both are necessary for the student according to subjects and topics.

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    This depends on the individuals interest. In a group study one can get his doubts clarified by others so that subject will become easy. Discussions on the subjects will also yield good results. But if we are in a group where all others are interested in time passing and gossiping, unnecessarily time will be wasted. So the mentality of the persons is also important. Another factor is some people who grasp the subject very easily whereas some may be slow in this regard. It will become a mismatch and slow learner will be at a loss.
    Both are having advantages and disadvantages. So one should be careful in selecting the method. A group of 2 to 3 students of equal caliber may be a better option.

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    I feel both are good and has its advantages and disadvantages. While studying alone a student will be able to study according to his grasping speed and in his way. Each student will have their own way of studying. Some students have the practise of writing what ever they have studied while others don't. Some students will be able to judge important topics and stress on them more. While other students believe writing will be waste of time and some might byheart without understanding the concept. But while studying alone if there are any doubts, students should wait for it to clear and also they might forget what they have studied.
    But in group studies, everyone can discuss and explain each other the topics and hence they can remember the concept. But disadvantage here is, students might end up wasting time, unnecessary talks, gossips etc. Also it will become difficult for students to cope up with the speed of everyone in the group.

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    It is totally depends on this material or subject which you are going to study. If it is a subject like mathematics, accounts or any thing then you need to be fully focused for the study because these types of subject requires full concentration and dedication not for few moment but for maximum time. On the other hand, if the subject is like physics, business, chemistry, history, you need to learn all complete details with the discussion among all which leads to great learning and obviously it will be more memorable and you can not easily forget.
    Group Study should be ignored as much as you can because most of the friend first start study then starting gossiping with irrelevant topics which will affect your concentration as well as your study. So, try to study alone as much as possible and if you found difficulty in some topics, don't hesitate to study with friends.

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    If all the people in the group at studious and each one has knowledge in one or other subject, then combined study is effective. I have done combined study and all in that group came out with good grades. One of them passed the exam in first attempt after joining combined study, when he never had a history of passing in first attempt till then.

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