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    Religious places of worships empower us a lot

    Religious places of worships empower us a lot.These fill our mind with peace and strength.There are miseries and sorrows in the world.Worries are our friends .These play a great role in our lives.Some people go into depression due to these worries.When we surrender at the feet of Supreme Lord,we leave our worries to Him.What is right for us He does.When we go to these places we mediate to God.He cares our needs,He guides us ,He fills our lives with happiness and joy. So,we should start our day chanting the name of God,surrender at His feet.He is our father ,He does what is right for us.What are your beliefs on this matter?
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    It is all our belief system we developed. Yes, It si true that we get relaxed and peace of mind by meditation and the process of controlling or observing our seamless thought. So such places we believe to be the place we get peace. And who believe it should visit the place without falling into the trap of commercialisation we see at almost every temple/mosque, whatever name we have given to the place.
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    It is true and there is absolutely no denial that Religious places of worships are having some super powers which time and again induced us to visit and get some kind of vibrations to our mind so that we get a sort of relax and solace from the hectic life. If you enter some temple, church or even mosque, you feel like staying there further while as we forget the sorrows , the challenges and the tricky situations of life for a while and start praying to the God and almighty. That is the reason being so even Kings of those days used to spend more money and material on constructing huge temples of great importance even today. Gods used to come in the dream and thus many temples came into existence. One such temple need mention which even appropriate is the Bhadrachallam Ram temple which was constructed by Tahsildar Gopanna of those days with public money and got punished and then Lord Ram given him the Moksh .
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    Yes you are right. These places have great importance in our life. I regularly go to mosque to perform namaaz. These religious activities give us satisfaction and peace of mind. We should always try to go these places when we need peace of mind. I even go to temples with my Hindu friends and even go to sunder kand when ever my friends invite me.
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    The places of worship will definitely have lot of importance in our life. If we go to a place of worship, the mind will start concentrating on the GOD and you will forget everything and your mind will be fresh. Once you go there and start praying the GOD you don't feel like going away from there. We will have peace of mind and mind will be fresh. In this same way when we do puja in the house. we feel relaxed. Every day morning I pray God in the house by performing puja. By any chance if I miss it, that whole day I will be feeling a little dull and a little less active.
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