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    What kind of singer are you

    Let's believe that everyone does sing. Whether one believes it or not, people knowingly or unknowingly sing and, if not,at least hum the music. Some of us are natural who sing with tunes and some of us try to sing as well as the real singer does. Interestingly, we get confident in singing when we are alone, specially in bathroom where the actual singers comes out from us. Without caring about the world we get lost in music.

    I am lucky that I am associated with music since my childhood and lucky enough to get a job in this field too. I do sing naturally and try to match the tune and tone as much as possible. It is also nice to see that my daughter too is following in my steps. She is too a crazy music lover like me at such a young age and surprisingly sings with tune and trying to catch the actual pitch, though it is little tough for her.

    So, dear friends just take a dip in this crazy world and let us know what kind of singer you are!
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    I sing well for my own satisfaction. I have understood the basics of music. I don't sing in bath room, but sing on the highway while I drive my Padmini or ride my Hero Honda. I used to sing in the temples, parties and in picnics. I have my own compositions. Few of my compositions have the tune from the Tamil and Hindi film songs. I have many compositions on Lord Sri Ayyappa. My children appreciate my singing and they ask me to sing whenever we are free.
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    I am a pure, unadulterated bathroom singer and I have no hesitation in announcing the same. I always like to call a spade a spade. Whenever I sing, my originality always impresses my listeners, mainly my wife and my daughter.
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    To be frank we are all half singers. That means we does not know the full lyrics of any song , we may start the song, sing one or two lines and then end up. Like wise one may boast of knowing many songs. But the real singer is one who must know the entire song and even should have the ability to sing the same song in slow and fast mode. Such type of training brings in lots of variations while rendering and thus gets instant applause and recognition too. I am not a good singer, but good critic and good judge. A singer should arrest the presence of others and must take them to the other world of total enjoyment of each line and music. Some of the child artists even in reality shows are becoming good singer of future. The voice of singer must mesmerize and should make us to forget the worries and sadness. That kind of singers are the need of the hour.
    K Mohan
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    I have an hobby to sing song. I generally sing song and practice to sing at my home but so far I have not sung song at any stage programme. I like to sing old song. I also like to sing some gazelles. I sing "ham tere shahar me aye he musfir ki tarah" almost three to four times per day. Its my favourite gazell. .
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    Mr. Mohan,
    You may not be a singer. Why do you generalize and use the word 'WE' and say we are all half singers? A good singer need not know the lyrics of other songs. If one can understand what is Sa re ga ma pa tha ni ( the seven swaras) and has good voice is a good singer.

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    Sun, it is your other side of life about music and nice to know that you compose the music too.

    Partha, haha, we all start singing from bathroom only, its great to know about your singing ability.

    Mohanji, here I am not talking about professional singers. I am talking about normal people who love to sing and enjoy.

    Hakimuddin, I love gazals special any songs with urdu words create very different feelings. Nice to know about you.

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    I love reciting Telugu poems. I practice the famous poems and try to repeat whenever possible. Of course not in a bring group. Only in my house. When I feel a little happy I tries to hum some old favorite songs of Ghantasala and SP balu. My wife and children always say I am a bad singer. They say please tell me before you start , so that we will close the doors, otherwise it will be difficult to send donkeys out.
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    If that is the case I can sing old Tamil Songs, Old Hindi Songs, Old Telugu Songs with ease and with swara. I wont sing alone but do sync with the song when played on FM or television.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    From above responses, it is always felt women who wanted to sing may not have that comfort to sing (if they are not professional singer). For me, listening to music at any time is a good feeling and I am not selective also. I can listen to film(old and new), Carnatic(vocal). When comes to singing, I will not miss out any opportunity that comes on its way like in any domestic function at home. There are few occasions, I sung in stage too(audience has no choice but to hear/bear my singing). One occasion, as a teacher I have trained 3 girls to chant a Guru Sloga but at that time, the girls disappear and hence I had to manage it with my chanting. And on one or two occasions, I sung the TN song Neerarum Kadalutha along with other few and really I liked and even felt and really missed the real happiness held in singers.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I sing all the time. Hindi songs mostly. Singing isolates you from the world and offers you a serene atmosphere. I sing when I'm stressed. Sing when I'm happy. Sing when I'm bored. I'm not very good at it.
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    Singing is a art which human have taken it from nature. During human civilization who were the professional singer? None. But, we know every mother sings lullaby for her kids. I am sure a mother was the first human singer on earth. Later this art got improvised with people to people and taken as a profession.

    So being a singer doesn't mean that you have to be proficient in singing. Your love for music is enough to motivate you for singing. It is good enough for you if it satisfy up to your level.

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    My passion for singing was at high level when i was child.
    during those day there was nothing like live shows and not even my parents promoted me for the same.
    I still used to sing whenever i got chance in any school.
    In my opinion it can be the best way to cool down your emotions.

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    Though I have not got any training in classical music, I believe I sing quite well because of the applause and encouragement I have got from various quarters at different stages. I was actually a bathroom singer (or simply restricted to the four walls of my home) till my class teacher in school, Samuel sir, made me to sing in front of my class during a Friday Class Get-Together. And the song was 'Kya huwa, tera wada' from the film Hum Kisise Kum Nahin! From then on I had sung on many stages and have done quite well if I have not been misjudged (by the listeners).
    Jeets, you are right that there is a singer in each of us though the range may vary and also the degree of perfection. Musical inclination is a gift and to be able to perform in any form of music is a blessing!

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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