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    Which type of internet connection do you use at home?

    There are many companies which provide different internet connections. In working places like schools, hospitals and other offices, you may enjoy wi-fi facility. But at home people use different type of connection. Some people use 3G some 4G and some even at 2G internet connection.
    Please share which type of internet connection you use at your home and which company provide fastest internet connection in your city?
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    I use MTNL connection at my residence. Although it is not advertised much, it is cost-effective and the internet speed is really good.
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    I use BSNL Broadband connection (unlimited) for my internet working. The service is good. It is working very fine without any problem. Whenever there used to be net disconnection, the BSNL technicians attend to it immediately. In my area, BSNL care their customers.
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    I am using BSNL connection at home. It is cost effective as Partha said and the speed is also quite okay. The service they provide is also satisfactory.
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    I use ATC (BEAM) broad band in my house. Very fast and well maintained Service is also good. A little costly. But unlimited we can use.
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    Actually, I have 4G enabled SIM with 4G supported phone and 3G/4G enabled phones have the features of USB tethering through which anyone can get internet services on his/her PC through mobile phone. So I mostly use JIO service for my home internet connection. With the Jio connection, you also got unlimited voice calling to any network within your region and outside your region. It also provides unlimited internet facility to use. It provides 1 GB internet with 4G speed then unlimited internet with 128 kbps speed which is very attractive to all customers.

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    I use BSNL broadband connection at home. As said by few authors, it is cost effective also if offers free calls service after 9pm to any mobile phone, landline, STD. And calls on Sundays are also free. I can easily manage my work with BSNL broadband services.

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    I am using private cable operator called SVS internet and paying monthly 400 rupees as whole some charge and I am getting uninterrupted internet without any problem and the speed is also good. Having connected with the wifi service, my family and children use the internet liberally and every one is happy. I have tried BSNL, Airtel, Beam Cable, ACT but none is giving right and prompt service. This local internet fellow has kept junction box at my home and hence he gives me best service. What I heard that popular internet providers are busy during night and gives good service in the day.
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    I am using BSNL Wi Max home plan 750. The plan is for unlimited usage and assured speed was 512 kbps.
    They have since raised the fee and now I end up paying Rs. 940 per month. With a wireless router we use it for two mobiles, one desktop and one laptop. Not all at a time. I do not feel the speed is good, but not as bad as when I was using mobile internet with dongle and SIM earlier.

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    I am using Airtel broadband from 8-10 years. Current speed of airtel broadband is 1 MBPS upto 30gb and post 30 GB it is 512 kbps unlimited. I feel Airtel is best Hurray. I also used Tata photon dongle, it was good but i no longer use it.

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