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    If parents are not educated, then getting admission for their wards also becomes problem.

    Come April or May, every parent would be looking out for a new or a better school so that the child can get best education in this competitive world. If the existing school is good and marching with the modern progress, the parents would retain. But when others schools are progressing with new methods of teaching, the parents certainly want to shift their children to new kind of education system. As the school takes to new education imparting it also insists that parents also be educative and cooperate in their daily routine. If not getting admission would be difficult.
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    There are number of private schools which has made the rules that it is mandatory to examine the parents knowledge to provide admission to their wards. From one point of view, it is correct because in this competitive era, wards have more to study in less time and they can not go to tuition after school so it become necessary for parents to provide education to their wards itself. But if we look in rural area, there are so many family who want that their ward should go to city for good quality of education and become success. So, from their point of view, it should not be mandatory. Now a days, students also involved in many activities like sports, singing, dancing etc in their school by which it became quite impossible to attend tuition classes after school.

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    But there are illiterate parents who are earning good wanted to give best education and what about their eligibility criteria ?
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    Yes there are many schools that are the education level of parents which is really wrong. Every child has right to study and should get admitted in which ever school they prefer and admission to a child should not be based on parents education. It is school's duty to train and educate a child, then why do they look at parents qualification for the same. Sending the child to tution or no after school is parents choice. Some might send and some might not. Even if child does not go to any tuition he should be able to score well with teaching done in school. It's school's responsibility to ensure child is performing well instead of depending of parents qualification. Afterall, schools take hefty fees so they can concentrate on child properly.

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    Generally this practice is there in many schools in urban area. They want to see whether the parents can look after the requirements of their children with respect to studies at home like preparing for exams, completing the home work, follow up with children regarding lessons and all that. There are good schools where they will not insist about parents education. If really seats are not getting filled private institution will not keep quite. They will relax all rules. These are all gimmicks only to show outsiders about the greatness of their school only. Even in rural ares also now a days very good schools are getting opened and every body is sending their wards to these schools only. No body is loosing any thing. All parents want admission of their ward in the best school only. That is where competition is coming.
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