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    What do we learn from the recent Indian Idol contest?

    The recently concluded Indian Idol (Series 9) contest that ran for some weeks in Sony channel has entertained the Music lovers a lot. The winner is from a non-Hindi speaking state and the finalists, to that extant all the participants, have won the hearts of the people from India and those living in abroad. Khuda Baksh from UP, Revanth from AP and Naga Rohit from Telangana emerged as Finalists and finally India voted in favour of Revanth. I have watched the programme very closely since the beginning and I want to derive conclusions in a different perspective.

    All the participants participated with the same spirit and those who were eliminated in various rounds made an exit very sportively. The judges encouraged everyone with the same love and affection. Music has no division, either North or South. Music has no language whether Hindi or non-Hindi. If it were so, two Telugu speaking lads would not be in the Final and the Hindi speaking Khuda Baksh would have won. But it proved again talent would always get recognised and all the participants by encouraging one another have truly shown their sportive spirit. Why can't we show such a spirit in our areas of life and learn a leaf from them?
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    Rightly said by the author that in music there can be differentiation or disparities drawn between North, South - East or west. In fact we can compare this even with the recently concluded Dil Hai Hindustani reality show in Star Plus which was also a singing competition opened for the global participation. Though five finalists were shortlisted and one of them was from Oman called Etham. While public were expecting mother and daughter duo would be winner as they won all the prelims with a heart symbol given as token, what surprised every one that Etham has won with public votes. So what I too want to test here that Hindi heartland people could have voted other contestants as winner, but they have chosen a Omani. Like wise Indian Idol winner as Revanth really surprised the South Indian people.
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    It is true that music is divine and it has no boundaries or limitations. From the beginning Indian Idol programme is conducted very nicely. Earlier also Karunya from AP, came up to finals. But this time two Telugu persons came to finals and finalist is Telugu speaking. But the selection has gone purely on merit basis. No other factor is considered. Earlier times SMS senders from south are less. Now they also started sending SMS. This is good and no chance for any criticism. If all selection and election has to be conducted like this, there should not be any interference from politicians and all should be unbiased. Let us wish and hope a day will come like this.
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    Yes, it is true that the Music programmes/reality shows like Dil Hai Hindustani and Rising star (being telecasted in Colours channel) are other examples for the spirit being displayed by the participants representing various parts of India. Yesterday there was a deciding factor for semi final for the Rising star music show and Vikram Singh from Indian army has shown his excellent performance and his words really caught every one when a girl is to be eliminated from the show. He said, "I prefer to go to border and fight for the cause of the Nation rather than binding here with emotions". What a marvelous spirit shown by the Army man!

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    I love listening to music. Indian idol has been one of the greatest music shows I have seen. We get the opportunity to see some best talents from all over the country.
    India needs more platforms like this where one can showcase his/her talent. Because of such talent shows now parents encourage their children to pursue their dreams & support them in everything which is one of the positives of talent shows like this.
    Ankur, Incomeboy

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