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    We sometimes fail to win over in government offices then what about nomads ?

    In spite of knowing all the government offices rules, we sometimes fail to achieve to get the work done even after making so many rounds to the concerned office. There may be so many reasons for that. Either new rules came in to force, the concerned officer is on transfer and not yet given charge to others, the officer has sanctioned but pending for signature of higher ups.. These are the regular shortcoming in any government offices. Just think of illiterate and uneducated nomads who does not know anything but still patiently visits the offices but no one would hear them ?
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    Nomads? Mr. Mohan: the Government offices have become much more public-friendly. I am telling this as a Government Officer, but as a common man who visits many Government offices for different personal purposes. But there is still ample scope of improvement.
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    Partha invariably I have seen thin attendance and late comers to the office. And if the concerned clerk or officer is on leave then the visitor grievance stands and prolongs.
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    Recently I have observed some improvement even in government offices.They are more polite now a days. Unlike earlier days, if the case is clear and no ambiguity, they are moving the files fast. But from our side we should submit all the papers required correctly. Many people are spending late hours in the office to compensate their late arrivals and continue to clear the files. This change I noticed more in Central Government offices. State Government offices require some improvement. One problem I noticed is many people go and disturb the concerned people many times and hence work turn out is becoming less. To avoid this problem, they will try to find out some or other problem and send them back. The applicant should be careful while applying and see that all required attachments are submitted. Give them the required time. Then things will definitely move fast.
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    Most of the government office work i now online and you can apply online. In our M P there is a department lok seva kendra ( may be its all over India) where you can apply or get certificate almost 165 departments. You dont need to go to office once apply online and in some definite time your application will be considered. If it would get rejected there must be a valid reason which would be mentioned.
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    Even for many services on line is mooted but to get the final certificate one has to go that office and meet the person for one or the other reason.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    By adopting computerisation and online servicing Govt departments are trying to improve but there are still various lacunae which are impeding their progress. The red tapism and bureaucracy is still showing its color time to time and a gullible person will not be able to get his job done easily.

    Due to job security and political connections some of the Govt servants are very confident that nothing adverse can be done to them and with this back up they become arrogant and aggressive also.

    The efficiency in Govt organisations is very low as compared to the private ones. The officers and staff take their own time and they have a tendency to find out some fault or shortcoming for not doing the work rather to do the work promptly if it is prima facie admissible.

    Anyway there are some signs of improvement and with time we can only hope that one day Govt organisations will be at par with the private ones.

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