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    The more we grow and start earning high, do we become cunning and selective ?

    What I have seen in my life that those who are with regular income and with steady increment every year, their attitude and behavior wont change against others at any given time. But those who have been normal and with one luck factor, they start earning and amass wealth and keep on multiplying their income by virtue of their knack to win over others would change their behavior towards others by being cunning and selective. And they slowly discard friends, relatives and even want to live aloof life away from maddening crowd. What is your say ?
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    With the advancement of age, we become more experienced and avoid risk. With the increase of income, we become more selective. But we should not say that we become more cunning. The word 'cunning' has a negative connotation.
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    Why the word cunning used because when that person could able to reach out to others, he avoids and shy away from his responsibility.
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    Growing more and earning high is nothing to do with cunning and selective. Everybody will have their own priorities and try to follow the way they they choose. As long as one is not cheating others and living in his own way , that can't be called cunning nature. There may be reason for avoiding and shying away. We should step into their shoes and see. Otherwise we can't say that they are cunning.All types of people are there in all levels.
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    I don't think that growth of one's income affect their behavior. Some people are always polite even after they started earning high, but after more experience people got more selective. Everyone have to decide his priorities once in life, and once he decide them he will start doing everything in a selective way. He ignore people who are not worth for anything or who demands for something all the time. It doesn't mean that he become cunning. He just started living in his own way.

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    We can not generalize that sudden accretion of wealth makes people cunning and selective. It varies from individual to individual.

    There are people who do not change and their behaviour towards friends and relatives remains same. In fact these people even help their friends and relatives in times of need.

    At the same time there are people who become proud of their kitty and start showing off and presenting themselves different from the common lot. They change the society also where they are moving and a filthy arrogance is also manifested in their behavior. They want to avoid their poor relatives and friends and feel a type of degradation in meeting with them.

    So money brings phenomenal change in the behavior of some people and it reflects from their talks and actions when old friends and relatives go to meet them.

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    In Tamil there is a song(cine song) that,'pathavi varumbothu panivu varavendum thozha' which means humbleness should come to one when he got higher post. As mohan sir, told when we got higher position, though we are humble or normal, there are people surrounding us to make us cunning or with enriched ego, in that situation only we should make ourselves controlled.

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    Author placed on very genuine point for discussion. In my opinion maximum of the people who get success over night or by short cut trick they become cunning very fast.
    Perhaps they wont have got the so easily as they change their attitude.
    From they start behaving very strange even with their own relative.
    I have personally seen this very closely so have clear views on it.
    Frequent success turn the mood of anyone, very easily who got some think very quickly opinion.

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    I don't think so. It all depends on an individual and we should not generalize the things. Some people won't change in their approach and continue to behave in their original way even after reaching certain height in their life. While some others behave in a different way and don't care anybody when they become rich or powerful in their position. They tend to be arrogant and fall under the category you were mentioning in this thread. But people like Amitab Bachhan are really inspiration to us for their exemplary behaviour.

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