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    How one gets promotion in their job ? For mere experience or by recommendations ?

    Every year in any organization the HR department shall evaluate the performance of each and every employee and also grade them. Some would be awarded with increments, some are sent to higher position with transfer and some are not considered for the promotion or pay hike at all. In every organization the section officer plays the vital role in recommending to the higher authorities and if we have tiff or wrong opinion with him, then getting promotions would be a challenge. What you think that promotions are give through good experience or merely by recommendations ?
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    Promotion and incentives in private company or organization is totally depend on your work and your ability. My cousin who work in an IT company recently granted three incentives and he got promotion in only seven moths of his joining.
    But in government department promotion is totally depend on you seniority. Some reservation is also apply. The persons who belongs to SC or ST get their promotion earlier but the persons who belong to general category get promotion after 1-12 years.
    Recommendation of higher authorities does not play any role in promotion but it plays an important role in transferring . By recommendation you can get a place of your choice.

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    The promotion and increment system in private sector vary from Organisation to Organisation. There will be a evaluation system. Generally 3 tier analysis is used. The first step is self evaluation. The candidate himself will fill all the points on his own. This sheet will go to his immediate boss. He will go through the self appraisal submitted by the individual and fill all the columns in the Immediate superiors evaluation from. Both put together will go the manager. The manager will go through both the forms and basing on his interaction with the candidate decides the rating. Increments and promotions are not generally granted on recommendations. In some of the small companies there may be some influence of boss but in big companies it will go on the merits only. Government increments go as per the system. There is no good and bad. Promotions on seniority only.
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    Promotions in Private sector are based on particular requirements of organization. In Most of cases it depends on performance of employee during the year. Generally private firms do not promote based on age. But in Govt. Sector these are based on seniority. There are internal exams too by which one can be promoted, but if someone is not getting promoted by exam they will be promoted on based of their service Period. There is no option that you can get promotion by giving good work performance, but if you are not performing well you, and you are not awarded by good marks on your annual performance report, then there is chances that you will not get a promotion.

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    In private organisations it is mainly your work and experience which gets you a promotion.

    At the other hand in Govt or Public Sector it is based on annual appraisal reports and sometimes departmental interviews. Additionally seniority also plays a part.

    Apart from above general guidelines there is a unwritten guideline also that is good relation and links with higher ups. Sometimes people at higher level can indirectly favour you with verbal recommendations and the management can pick you up out of many candidates having similar experience and abilities as you have. Even sending for a foreign assignment is on a pick and choose basis.

    The HR department generally coordinates these activities and they present all the data about the employees to the management for administrative decisions. So their importance in the process can not be ignored.

    In nutshell, the importance of good relations and linkage with top bosses can sometimes be instrumental in ones career growth whether it is a private or Govt organization.

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