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    When you know your value, you need not beg for peoples attention

    Normally people around us wants to capture our attention either with their style statement, talking abilities or even through body languages. But they seldom know that if a person has some value and he is confident about it, nothing can stop from others to get their attention. And those who are already famous and have the impression in society, they need not worry for cheap publicity or attention seeking exercise. Like wise even some brands have their own identity and wont go for advertisement in spite of stiff competition.
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    Today's world is the advertising world, the more you show off, the more you get attention. If anything has got its value and if people are not aware, definitely it will be going to lose its market. So, for that one need to aware people and this is where advertising needed. Just imagine, if any new brand having good value not advertise or bring in notice to the people, can they sold their products in market. Likewise, it goes to our personal value too. You may have greatest value as per you but sitting at home will do nothing, you are just spoiling that value. For that one need to show off genuinely and not fake but not beg as the author has indicated.

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    Now a days what you know or what you do is not important. How you present yourselves is very important. You may be putting in good efforts and doing a good job, if you are not making a good presentation of your work, no body is going to notice you. Mr. Revant is a good singer. He has presented him self very ably in Indian Idol contest and Now the way he is getting advertisement is fantastic. He needs no introduction. We are aware that Glaxo is a very good company making standard products. It got a good value in the market. Orders getting is easy. Even then when they want to introduce a new product, they have to go,meet the doctors and explain the positives and negatives of the product. Then only doctor knows about that product and he will prescribe the medicine to patients. So I feel one may be very good but without presenting himself before others properly, he may not get recognized.
    always confident

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